An overflowing pool has a spectacular aesthetic design. Moreover, it blends perfectly with the surroundings, so you will have a pool that fits into your home as if it had always been there. However, what is an overflowing pool system with a hidden channel? It is something different to traditional overflow systems.

Hidden channel for your pool overflow

An overflowing luxury pool, however beautiful it may be, has a problem. Water can come out flooding and dirtying the area where you walk or where you have your loungers to rest. This can make the environment appear unclean. That’s what the overflow pool system with hidden channel is for.

The overflow system for pools with a hidden channel has the great advantage of being very clean. Unlike overflowing systems that were made of plastic, in this case it is the stone and stoneware that allow you to enjoy an overflowing pool without this system being damaged over time. Those made of plastic used to deteriorate over time and this generated many problems. With these materials the same thing will not happen.

Pools in trend

Overflow Pool from Leale Project from Godopools

Combine your pool with the colour of the surroundings

Some of the projects in Godopools that have this overflow system with a hidden channel are, for example, the Marmara project. In this case it is made with stone and it melts with the colour of the environment to the point that you do not know where the pool begins. It is part of the environment, it blends in with it.

There are also other projects that, thanks to the overflow system with a hidden channel, allow the pool to blend in with the colour of the space in which it has been placed. For example, the Gardenia or Cortesín project. The water is at the same level as the surface, but without coming out. This is essential and possible thanks to the hidden channel system.

Materials for your overflowing pool with a hidden channel

At Godopools we use stone and stoneware for the overflow system for pools with a hidden channel. These materials are very durable and do not deteriorate over time. You might think that this system will be in contact with water, so it is important to be resistant. In addition, these materials allow the pool to blend in with the environment.

pool in stone

Detail of the overflow system at Cortesín Project

Merging the luxury pool with the terrace is possible thanks to the use of stone and stoneware. Furthermore, aesthetically the result is much more beautiful than if plastic was used. A material that is not at all useful and that in time will cause changes to be made, which is a totally unnecessary investment if you have this overflowing system with a hidden channel for your luxury pool.

Without spoiling the views, in an environment that merges and with very clean materials, pools with a hidden channel overflow system achieve a very beautiful effect. At Godopools we have several projects that we have already mentioned so that you can see the result. It is one of the best options for your pool.

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