It is difficult to choose how to adapt the surroundings of your luxury swimming pool so that it is as practical and comfortable as possible, but at the same time, it fulfils a decorative function within a space that for you is a place for recreation and relaxation. However, once you have decided on a lawn, the big question arises once again: artificial or natural grass?

Natural or artificial grass?

Determining which of the two options is better is complicated because the natural grass that we like so much requires maintenance. To care for your garden you have to have the time and resources to do it properly. We can go over the advantages and disadvantages of each option to make it clearer which type of grass is best suited to what you are looking for.

ADVANTAGES – Less expensive initial investment.

– It absorbs pollution and noise well.

– Grass creates a cooler environment.

– It is natural, both in its integration into the environment and in the self-regulation of its bacterial activity.

– Maintenance is less frequent and easier.

– It needs to be watered much less.

– The cost of maintenance is lower.

– It can last longer in good conditions.

DISADVANTAGES – It requires conscientious maintenance.

– It requires more time and effort.

– In the long run, this maintenance is more costly.

– It needs a large amount of water for irrigation.

– You need a higher investment for artificial turf in its installation.

– It does not regenerate, so if it deteriorates you will have to replace it with a new one.

– It does not regenerate oxygen either.

– It heats up faster, so it may be impractical if you live in a hot area.

With this information, choosing natural grass or artificial grass for your luxury pool depends on whether you are going to use it a lot or a little, on the maintenance or if it is very hot where you live. The choice is up to you.

Maintenance of artificial grass


As we have seen, one of the main benefits of installing artificial grass in your pool is maintenance, as it doesn’t need too much care to look good. But that does not mean that this option does not require minimal cleaning to look as splendid as the first day.

There are three basic cares that you should apply if you place artificial turf in your pool:

  1. Brushing: Although it has a good capacity for recovery, a tune-up from time to time is essential. You can use manual or mechanical brushes.
  2. Cleaning: It is recommended to hose it down once a month or every two months, and even vacuuming or mopping if you want to leave it like an artificial grass carpet.
  3. Disinfection: There are specialised products for this, which is also important, such as sanitising perfumes, which will prevent the build-up of bacteria and other bugs.

How to clean the stains? With the simplest of things: soap and water. And, for the toughest stains, you can use a little bleach.

It is also good to replace the silica sand when necessary.

There are different types of artificial grass that you can install with your luxury pool, but the basic care for all of them are the ones we have just listed. So, with the right care, an artificial lawn could last up to twenty years.

Maintenance of natural grass


Natural grass from the Mediterranea Stripe project by GodoPools

Natural grass, as we say, requires more care because, after all, it is a living being and, as such, requires more attention. However, there is no better companion for your pool than a beautiful carpet of natural grass.

For this type of lawn, too, there are three basic care requirements:

  1. Watering: This is essential for the plant and must be done frequently. You have different possibilities, such as hose it down or install an automated system, for example.
  2. Mowing: If you let the grass grow, instead of a garden you will have a jungle. It needs to be tidied up from time to time.
  3. Fertilising: To keep your natural grass healthy and long-lasting, you need to give it the nutrients it needs. This will also make it shinier and greener.

But, in addition to all that, you have to aerate it, because it is not like artificial grass in terms of drainage; reseeding, rolling and other extra care that, although they are not so regular, it is also necessary to do from time to time.

You have different ways to install the grass for your luxury pool and one of them is in rolls of natural grass. You will find it very easy to do, which is why it is becoming more and more popular!

And after all this… what do you choose?

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