One of the characteristics that is sweeping the pool automation industry are the mobile applications that inform you at all times of the quality and status of your pool water. 


Home automation apps allow us to perform all kinds of actions no matter where we are, which translates into freedom for the pool owner and great peace of mind for people who travel or have pools in second homes. It no longer matters where we are physically because we will have control of our pool status in the palm of our hand at all times.


control de la piscina

Automotion control app for pools


With a home automation app for pools you can control the pH of the pool, know the water temperature at all times and activate the heating systems, we can activate the purifier and cleaning filters or simply play with the lighting.


Control your pool water through our app


The maintenance of swimming pools is complex and, in addition, many times we cannot be at home constantly maintaining it. Using a home automation app goes far beyond modifying the water temperature of an outdoor pool; it is designed to ensure a constant monitoring of the pool water and make sure it is always in good condition.


domótica en piscinas

Automotion equipment Pool Tech Conection inside a control room at one Godopools’ project


From your phone you can keep track of the pH of the water and know at all times if the pool water needs some treatment to be in optimal conditions. All this is possible without having to be there, next to the pool, and make manual changes, but with the automated systems that are controlled with a home automation app, thanks to which we can take control of the pH of the pool from anywhere. 


The automated systems at home are very popular in the field of lighting, music or the movement and closure of doors and windows. However, home automation for swimming pools is growing very strongly and is a feature that is already considered vital for pool maintenance.


How to keep your pool water crystal clear?


limpieza de piscinas

Technology for your pool


Keeping your pool water crystal clear is complicated if we are not constantly reviewing all aspects of it. Keeping a daily check on the pool’s pH, checking that the water is filtered correctly, that batteries and viruses are removed or that algae are prevented are just some of the tasks we have to do on a daily basis.


Thanks to swimming pool domotics systems we can maintain our pool water no matter where in the world we are. The boom of these systems is running hand in hand with the explosion of home automation apps that are replacing traditional methods,relieving the stress of maintaining a house and its pool.


If a traditional home automation app can set a washing machine, activate lights, see an alarm, check that all the doors and windows are closed and locked or allow us to turn on the heating or air conditioning, in the field of home automation for pools the functions that these apps offer us are not left behind.


Many of our clients have second homes or businesses with swimming pools and want to have a detailed control of the state of the pool water at all times. An automated pool maintenance system saves us money in the short and long term by reducing the human factor and making us enjoy a freedom never experienced before.


Nowadays, we can be on a trip in another country and with the swimming pool domotics app we can see if the water is dirty, if the pH has been unbalanced or if we want to turn on the water heating system so that it is at the temperature we want when we get home.


Can you think of more advantages of home automation for swimming pools?

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