If you already have your Godopools luxury pool, you should know that as well as relaxing and sunbathing, you can also exercise in the water. The benefits of this are multiple, something that is due to the fact that exercising in a pool has a low impact on your bones and joints. For this reason, it is a highly recommended practice.

Children, adults and seniors can exercise in the water without any problems, although it is a good idea to know which are the best exercises to do in your luxury pool and which parts of the body you are going to work. This way, you will know how it will affect your body and the results you will get if you do them regularly.

The best exercises to do in the water

There are several exercises to do in the water, but we are going to explain some very simple ones in case you have never exercised in the water in your pool before. To begin with, there are exercises in the water with the churro that are suitable for toning up and even losing some weight. The squash will also give you confidence if you are not a very good swimmer.


Water exercises to lose weight with the churro can be done by holding the churro in your hands and bringing it close to your chest. You will remain floating in the water of your pool and you will have to pedal with your legs. Focus on your abs.

Another water exercise for toning up is to place the churro on your back and, while floating, kick in front of you. With this exercise in the water of your pool you will be toning your legs and working your glutes. It is very complete.

There are also water exercises for your back, as swimming is advisable if you suffer from pain or a more serious problem in this part of your body. V-paddling, crawl or backstroke will alleviate any discomfort you may be suffering from.

However, we advise you to have a pool exercise specialist make a personalised water exercise plan for you. This will be the way to make the most of the benefits of swimming in your pool. In addition, if you have any pathology, you will be relieved to discover how much better you feel.

Parts of the body that we work in the water


Exercising in the water is very complete because you will be able to work all parts of the body, from the upper to the lower limbs, as well as improving back and knee problems, among others. But, let’s look at this in parts so that you know clearly how to exercise your body in the pool.

The main body parts that you will work in the water are the dorsal muscle, the pectoral muscle, the deltoids, the triceps, the biceps and the trapezius. You will tone the entire upper body with the exercises mentioned above.

There are also muscles that you exercise in a secondary way, such as the abdominals, buttocks, legs… As you can see, having a luxury pool in your home is a real advantage. You can work out in peace and quiet every day.

Aquagym, the benefits of water for our muscles


So far we have talked about exercise in the water, but if an expert makes you an exercise chart, you may find yourself doing aquagym. This is aquatic exercise that combines fitness and aerobics, but in the water. You will walk through the water, jump, lift your legs… These are fun exercises that will improve your health.

Water exercises for children, adults and seniors have multiple benefits for the muscles. They tone and strengthen them, allowing you to enjoy greater flexibility and elasticity. For children this is positive, as swimming helps muscle development, and for older people, strengthening joints is good for preventing problems.

If you still don’t have a luxury pool, at Godopools you can find the one that best suits your garden. In addition, we have a suitable water treatment so that you will always have your pool ready, all year round, to do your swimming exercises. Benefit now from the advantages of swimming.

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