Do you want a luxury pool for your small garden? Perhaps you don’t have a large garden or the space you have reserved for your pool is small. When this happens, the best thing to do is to have a swimming pool made to measure. This way, all your needs will be covered and your pool will fit the space you have without any problem. A solution that we offer you at Godopools.

When to build a made-to-measure pool?

Building a made-to-measure pool is essential when you have limited space in your home. In this way, the dimensions will be adapted to the space you have available, as they will be completely customised. Your pool does not have to be square or round, but can end up with a completely personalised shape.

cuándo hacer una piscina a medida

Platinum Project custom-designed swimming pool on two levels

Therefore, if you have a house, a garden or a small patio, building a made-to-measure pool will suit you perfectly. You will also be able to customise the depth, as a small pool can be compensated with a larger depth.

But in which other cases do we advise you to build a custom-made pool? Well, when, in addition to having a small house, what you want is to build a luxury pool with details, materials and finishes that you like the most. At Godopools you can see some of the results of our projects.

Tailor-made swimming pools for small spaces

When you browse through all our projects, you will discover some ideas for tailor-made swimming pools for small spaces. For example, custom-made infinity pools, which you can put in your small patio. These look great and fit the space you have. As they are overflowing, they will give the sensation of being bigger, something that will benefit your patio and your home.

Did you know that your custom pool can also have a waterfall? It may seem difficult to achieve, but at Godopools we can make any of our customers’ dreams come true. Imagine a small space in which we place a pool in the shape of a 90º angle with a waterfall. The dimensions will be just right for enjoying a refreshing swim in a truly luxurious environment.

cuandConstruir piscina a medida

Swimming pool with waterfall of the Marbella Club Project by GodoPools

Made-to-measure indoor swimming pools

At Godopools we can also make custom made indoor pools for your patio or small garden. What will this allow you to do? Well, to take advantage of part of a covered terrace, if you have one, or to build the pool somewhere in your house if you have space for it. Just because you don’t have room in your garden (as much as you would like) doesn’t mean that you don’t have room in your house for a custom-made pool. It will look great.

There is also another option and that is that the custom-made pool that we have built in your garden is covered. As you know, at Godopools we believe that an outdoor pool does not need to be covered, as we have a domotic control and a water treatment system that will allow you to keep your pool in good condition at all times.

However, if it is essential or if you want to use part of the terrace or the inside of your house, then it is inevitable that you have your pool covered to measure. The result will meet your expectations because at Godopools we will design the small luxury pool that you imagine in your mind. Your dream come true.


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