Having a luxury swimming pool at home is one of the best ways to enjoy our home during the summer months. However, pool maintenance needs to be done continuously throughout the year, even when it is cold and we are not using it.

Cleaning pools is a complex task that can give us many headaches if we do not know how to do it correctly. Knowing how to maintain the pool is not complicated and the key is to use a state-of-the-art system like Pure Pool, which puts the latest advances in pool water purification techniques at our service.

Swimming pool purifiers are responsible for filtering the dirt so that it does not accumulate in the water. The problem is that a traditional filter is not enough to keep the water in good condition because they are not capable of eliminating the pathogens, algae or other substances that spoil the appearance of our pool.

100% ecological pool cleaning

piscinas ecológicas

One of the most popular trends in pool maintenance today is the use of UV technology, an ultraviolet system for swimming pools that disinfects the water of bacteria, pathogens and all kinds of organic elements that resist the usual chemical cleaners such as chlorine.

Pure Pool technology does not use chlorine or other chemicals that are harmful to the environment and cause health problems. Pure Pool combines ultraviolet technology with nanocrystals and free radicals to sterilise the water and achieve an environmentally friendly pool cleaning.

More and more people are aware of the importance of slowing down climate change and the footprint that we leave on the environment around us. Cleaning chemicals are a serious problem that is causing irreversible damage to nature and fortunately we can now avoid them because there are already methods for cleaning pool water that are even more effective.

What is Pure Pool technology?

Pure Pool’s operation is simple, it is a system that takes advantage of the capabilities of nanocrystals to filter and destroy harmful organic elements such as viruses, bacteria, pathogens, urea or even sun cream.

It is one of the most effective pool products, with a higher pool cleaning ratio than chlorine, ozone, permanganate and others such as bromine. It allows us to enjoy an ecological swimming pool whose maintenance does not leave a mark on the environment, is suitable for children and animals and does not generate problems such as excess chlorine and other chemicals that cause allergies and respiratory problems.


disfrutar todo el año de la piscina


Cleaning swimming pools with chemical substances negatively affects people with respiratory problems (COPD, asthma, bronchitis and others), children, causes eczema and allergic skin reactions, eye irritation and even gastrointestinal problems when swallowing water.

The latest technology at the service of your pool

As rinsing the pool water is easy, doing it properly without putting our health at risk and that of those we love most should not be either. Pure Pool’s UV technology cleans the pool water in a novel way, putting the latest technological advances in the sector at our service.

With this technique, which uses the negative charge activated in a magnetic, positive and dipole way, the particles are filtered in a highly effective, efficient and safe way. With the added bonus that Pure Pool Technology wastes very little energy and spends less than a traditional light bulb in any room.

Finding out how to maintain a pool efficiently is easier than ever, requires no specific preparation and is a very simple system to use. Much simpler than the traditional purification with chemicals that can be dangerous if you do not calculate the appropriate measures or mix products.

How do you usually keep your pool water clean all year round? Did you know about Pure Pool Technology and the possibility of purifying water and removing pathogens without using the usual chemicals using UV technology?


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