Lime in the pool can cause you a lot of headaches. There is nothing you can do to prevent it, which creates great frustration. In addition to all this, you have to use chemicals that are quite harmful to the environment – you need something more natural! At Godopools we have it.

Something that has been worrying us for a long time in Godopools and is the fact that there are no systems that care about the environment and also about your wellness and your family. The chemicals that can help you remove the limescale in your pool can end up damaging your skin. Since we know that, we offer you the best solution.

Avoiding limescale in your pool water

Do you know why lime forms? It has its origin in the use of well waters. Much more quickly than you would like, limescale sticks to the walls of the pool which makes them feel rough if you touch them. But, the worst thing is not this one. It is the whitish layer that will start to form on the surface of the water.

If you don’t solve it, the limescale in the pool will continue its course until it becomes quite difficult to remove. However, the problem can affect the pipes, damage the joints of the tiles, etc. We don’t want this to happen, right? it is essential to prevent this if you don’t want to waste your money renweing your pool every summer. But how can you do this? Easy, with our water treatment system.

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A treatment that will prevent the formation of limescale, since that is the greatest difficulty. The lime must not be allowed to form and then be removed. You have to do it the other way round. Prevent it from forming with good water treatment. This way, you will take care of your luxury pool and it will always be ready for you and your family to enjoy.

Lime on the walls of your pool, how it can damage materials

We mentioned earlier that the lime in the pool does not only adhere to the walls of the pool nor does it have a whitish layer on the surface of the water. This situation, if it is not stopped, will affect the coating, as it will somehow “eat” it. It can also reach the filters and cause water filtration problems.

Imagine having invested in a beautiful luxury pool and all the materials, the shine and the cleanliness you were proud of at first, end up deteriorating at a fairly fast rate. This will make your investment not too worthwhile, which we don’t want to happen to you at Godopools. That is why we are going to help you.

Pure Pool Technology prevents your pool from getting limescale

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What we offer you at Godopools is Pure Pool Technology. It is an innovative system that helps you avoid limescale in your pool in a completely natural way. The waste water becomes drinkable, the purification of the water prevents the lime from creating. You won’t have any more problems like this. An indispensable system for your luxury pool.

Use UV technology

Pure Pool Technology uses UV technology to destroy any traces of bacteria, viruses or micro-organisms that may be fouling and infecting your pool water. It does this by using a ceramic catalyst chamber that purifies the water when it contains sunscreen, for example. If the water is clean, there will be no room for lime.

It makes use of nano-crystals

Nanocrystals are another innovative element of this system. This bio-resistant material protects the water from bacterial colonisation, allows water filtration to be improved and prevents limescale in the pool. Thanks to its combination with UV technology, your pool will remain impeccable and trouble-free.

Still have doubts? At Godopools we will solve them all so that you can enjoy this system for your luxury pool water as soon as possible. A natural way, without chemicals, to treat the water and keep it clean and disinfected. Don’t wait any longer!

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