Recently, a new trend has emerged for luxury swimming pools which has increased their value. This is the stainless steel pool, which some customers who trust Godopools have already opted for. But why would such a pool be a good idea, what are the advantages, will it affect its aesthetics? These and many other questions will be answered in this article.

Stainless steel as a pool liner

The lining of a swimming pool is very important for your luxury pool. It is not only important to pay attention to the aesthetics, but also to ensure that the pool is functional and safe. That is why stainless steel is an ideal material for lining the inside of swimming pools. The reason lies in its non-stick properties that prevent organisms and microorganisms from sticking to the walls and floor of your pool.

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Also, let’s not forget that stainless steel has antibacterial properties. This will keep your pool free of bacteria and make cleaning it much more effective. Add to this the water treatment we offer at Godopools, with Pure Tool Technology, and your pool will have no room for germs or bacteria.

Are you worried about sacrificing the elegance and design we can offer you at Godopools by choosing stainless steel for your pool? None of this will happen. The stainless steel liner itself is elegant and malleable enough to create unique finishes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about this. Stainless steel sheets for your pool liner will give your pool a very modern and luxurious look.

Swimming pool with a modern, industrial feel

If your house has an industrial and modern feel, and you are looking for a luxury pool that fits these characteristics, a stainless steel pool will be the best choice. Moreover, you can choose from different sizes and shapes, such as an oval, square, rectangular or steel and liner stainless steel pool.

The truth is that the industrial style is a trend that was very popular at the time and is still very attractive today. For this reason, a stainless steel pool will integrate perfectly with the aesthetics of your home without clashing with it. Moreover, at Godopools our pools blend in with their surroundings.

Stainless steel accessories for swimming pools

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Given the characteristics of stainless steel, if you want to complete your stainless steel pool, you should not forget the accessories. These will allow you to enjoy a unique, beautiful and fun pool. A luxury pool that has everything you need so that you can enjoy it to the full. What are these accessories?

Stainless steel pool waterfall

A stainless steel pool waterfall is a perfect way to place an essential element in your luxury pool that fits in perfectly without clashing with it. What’s more, a waterfall made from this material is very elegant. I’m sure you’re already thinking about getting underneath it to enjoy a gentle back massage.

Stainless steel pool ladder

Another accessory your luxury pool needs is a ladder. This is very useful for getting in and out of the pool without difficulty. You will have an elegant and useful ladder that will also be very hygienic. At Godopools we will cover it with a non-stick material to prevent slipping when getting in and out of your stainless steel pool.

Stainless steel may not be a very popular material, but its properties make it indispensable if you are looking for a luxury, safe and hygienic pool. At Godopools we have a wide variety of finishes so that the result is what you are looking for. Contact us for more information.

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