Your luxury pool has been a great success in making your house truly feel like home. But you still feel that something is missing to make you even more comfortable, if possible. Well, that’s what home automation is for, because technology is improving every year to make your home an intelligent space.


Why would you want to turn on your pool lights manually when you can do it from your sofa? You’ll have a great view of your luxury pool from inside your home without having to go outside. This is possible thanks to home automation in your home, but at Godopools we want to tell you all about it in depth.

The application of home automation for outdoor spaces

At Godopools our intention is not only to offer you a luxury pool adapted to your needs and tastes, but also a comprehensive service, which is why we offer you a home automation application. We are talking about Pool Tech Connection, a very easy to use application that helps you to keep your pool under control.

In order for this application to fulfil the function for which it has been designed, it has a home automation system integrated with all the elements that are outside your home, such as your luxury pool. In a very simple way, you will be able to control certain parameters and elements that you would otherwise have to make an effort to do otherwise. And with Pool Tech Connection you won’t waste so much time.

Home automation in your garden

Just as home automation systems can facilitate certain actions in your home, home automation in your garden will also provide you with certain conveniences. This will be important for your garden to be a place of enjoyment, not a space to which you have to dedicate too much time. At Godopools we know that you want to relax after a long day’s work and enjoy the weekend without having to work too hard.

Home automation in your garden will help you to do it all from a simple application from which you will have control of absolutely everything. With a click here and a click there, you will be able to see how this outdoor space of your home is doing. This way, you will save time in verifying that everything is OK. The app will already gather the information you need for you. Easy, practical and adapted to your home, what more could you ask for? A luxury in every sense of the word.

Home automation applied to swimming pools


Home automation for outdoor spaces would be useless if it were not included in your pool, and having a luxury pool (in all senses) is possible with Godopools. Thanks to the integrated system that we have already told you about, Pool Tech Connection, you will be able to manage certain elements of your pool without having to move or check anything yourself. On the screen of the application you will have everything visible and clear.

What does home automation applied to swimming pools offer you? Well, the possibility of controlling the water temperature so that, when you enter your luxury pool, the water will be at the temperature you like best. It doesn’t matter whether it’s winter or summer. If cold, almost freezing water is not something you like, now it won’t be a problem.

Another aspect in which a domotic pool helps you is to automate the lights. In this way, you can control that they turn on at a certain time and turn off at another time, the one you decide. If you want to do this when you feel like it, all you have to do is access the application and click on the appropriate button. Quick and easy!

Finally, home automation applied to swimming pools helps you to check the quality of the water. As you probably already know, at Godopools we are concerned about this and that is why we offer you Pure Tool Tecnhonology so that the water in your pool is always free of impurities, bacteria and with a suitable pH. To control all this just access the Pool Tech Collection app. It will measure and manage all the water values.

Now you know what your luxury pool was missing: an integrated, easy-to-use home automation system that makes everything easier so that you don’t have to worry about anything and can enjoy the best quality swimming. Find the best pool for your home at Godopools and turn it into a smart pool.

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