Swimming is one of the most complete exercises we can do to improve our health. With your own luxury pool at home, how can you give up an activity that is so good for you? We’ll tell you all the advantages of this water sport!

What are the benefits of swimming?


Swimming has many benefits for our body’s musculature because it is a very demanding physical activity in which many areas of our anatomy are involved.
Not only do we work and strengthen our muscles, but we also improve the resistance of all the tissues connected to them, such as ligaments and tendons.
Swimming is good for keeping joints flexible, especially in areas where we usually feel pain due to bad posture or day-to-day work, such as the neck, shoulders or pelvis.
And to all the benefits of daily swimming we must also add that it increases the flexibility and strength of our body, as well as helping to keep our heart and lungs healthy.
But there are also many other benefits of swimming for women, since doing an aerobic sport firms up muscles (it strengthens the abdominals) and helps to maintain a healthy weight. And, incidentally, it helps to de-stress and relax, as it can be a low-stress exercise.

Muscles we exercise in swimming

Having a luxury pool at home means you can enjoy all the benefits of swimming on a whole new level. However, you should know that depending on the type of swimming you exercise, you will obtain different benefits, because you don’t work the same areas of your body in each one of them. Do you want to know the muscles that are exercised when swimming?

  1. Crawl or freestyle: In addition to working your back, pectorals, biceps and triceps, for example, you also exercise your abs, glutes and quadriceps. You can burn up to 250 calories in just 20 minutes!natación-beneficios-físicos
  2. Back: This style is the most suitable if you want to treat your back problems. In addition to all the above muscles, you have to add the hamstrings, calves and foot muscles.
  3. Breaststroke: With this swimming style you do all the work with legs and arms. Thus, you exercise pectorals, biceps, triceps, deltoids, dorsals, glutes, calves, calves… The good thing about this type of exercise is that you can stay with it for longer and burn up to 360 calories in 20 minutes!
  4. Butterfly: In addition to all the muscles mentioned above, you have to add all the work you do with the pelvic floor, rectus abdominis and adductor muscles. Of course, this is the mode that requires the most effort, but if you feel up to it you can burn up to 400 calories in just 20 minutes.

Daily swimming exercises


Having a home pool allows you to enjoy all the benefits of swimming in your own home on a daily basis. And if you also have an indoor pool at home, you can make this activity your healthy sporting routine all year round. You’ve already seen that sometimes all it takes is 20 minutes a day at full intensity to get the best results for your body. How to do it?

  1. Warm-up: It’s important to spend at least 3 minutes getting ready before entering the water. Gently rotate your arms, move your hips, stretch your legs and feet…. This will activate your circulation.
  2. Warming up in the pool: Before doing the intense exercise, spend 10-12 minutes swimming at a gentle pace. Do sets of crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.
  3. Workout: Alternate exercises. Don’t do the same thing every day. It’s good to alternate cardio, arm and leg workouts. Spend a quarter of an hour on each part and, very importantly, don’t forget to rest between each set of exercises!

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