Have you ever heard of alkalinity in the pool? If you have a swimming pool, it is very important that you know this term, as it is essential for the proper maintenance of your pool. To do this, you need to know how to measure the alkalinity of your pool water and how to keep it at optimum levels. Here we tell you about it, because at Godopools we know that water quality is important.

What is water alkalinity?

Simply put, pool water alkalinity is the ability to neutralise acids that can damage water quality. When alkalinity levels are above normal, you can often tell because the water becomes cloudy or green. This means that the alkalinity is inadequate and needs to be remedied.

Wouldn’t you like to dive into a pool with green or cloudy water? Well, to ensure that your luxury pool is perfect, it is important to measure the alkalinity of the water. This way, you can always have it ready for a swim. Moreover, with what we are going to tell you in Godopools, you will be able to prevent your pool from acquiring that unattractive cloudy or green colour that alerts you that something is not going well.

Measuring the alkalinity of your pool water

medir la alcalinidad de la piscina

To measure the alkalinity of your luxury pool water you will need a meter. Nowadays there are some that are digital, but there are also meters available in strip format which are the ones that have always been used. All you have to do is dip the meter into your pool water and wait.

If the alkalinity of your pool water is low, the meter will show a water hardness result of less than 100 ppm. In the event that the alkalinity is high, the water hardness result will be higher than this value and it is very likely that your pool will already show indications of this by the colour (green or cloudy). This is because there is a large amount of magnesium and calcium salts that need to be dealt with.

What can happen when alkalinity is high? The pH of your pool water will rise uncontrollably. In addition, your eyes, throat and ears are likely to show signs of irritation. On the other hand, your pool will start to show scales or incrustations on its walls. It’s a real disaster.

Testing your pool’s alkalinity frequently is important to be able to regulate the alkalinity of your luxury pool. That is why Godopools advises you to carry out these tests once a week. However, we offer you a system with which you will not have to worry about this. The Pure Pool Technology system.

Pure Pool Technology System


The Pure Tool Technology system measures all these parameters automatically and controls their optimal level, if necessary. The water will always be perfect. The water will always be perfect, disinfected and continuously clean. This is achieved due to its UV technology that destroys bacteria, viruses and microorganisms in the water.

This system also incorporates free radicals that help to keep the water in optimal conditions. The amount of free radicals it releases is controlled and generates zero residue in the water. Therefore, it is a system that purifies and maintains the water without alkalinity problems throughout the year. A system that will free you from the worry of measuring and controlling the alkalinity of your pool.

Now that you know more about alkalinity in the pool and how you can solve this problem, the Pure Pool Technology system is a must for your luxury pool. A water treatment that is effective, useful and perfectly suited to the needs of your pool. Contact us if you want to know more.

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