Pool Automation Control

Equip your pool or spa with an integrated pool automation control system. Control water parameters and other components from any device.

Pool automation for your spa or swimming pool

At GodoPools we offer you Pool Tech Connection, a pool automation control system integrated into your pool or spa. Control water parameters and installed components quickly and easily with our exclusive app.

Make your pool smart

Pool Tech Connection is our Pool Automation Control System, with which you can control all the elements of your pool, including water quality. We use latest pool automation technologies in the swimming pool sector. Install and program your device for water treatment.

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control domótico para piscinas de lujo
Bomba variable
Filtro de carbón/cristal
Ionización Cu + Ag
Tecnología UV
Hidrólisis UV
Regulador de pH
Panel de control
Piscina Proyecto Cortesín de GodoPools
Control domótico con app

Control your pool from our App

You can control your pool with our app or with our technical service, so you do not have to manage it in person.

Your pool elements under a complete and efficient control with all the information you need.

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Control the temperature

From our app you can regulate water temperature. Have it how you want it!

Automate your pool lights

Control your pool lighting and create automatic programs. Adjust it whenever you want.

Manage water quality

Measure and manage water parameters so you can enjoy the best swim ever.

controla tu piscina desde el móvil

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