When it comes to decorating a swimming pool, the possibilities are practically unlimited, from installing a fountain in the pool up to choosing certain materials that produce an specific visual effect, imagination is usually the only limit that we have. The advance of technology and investment in R+D+i allows us to push the limits of physics and use techniques and materials with increasingly impressive results.

The water treatment for the pool is important, but adding external elements such as a fountain or a geyser, raises the pool to a much higher aesthetic level. We are no longer looking for a “designer” pool, we are now looking for originality, to be unique and to create a space that goes far beyond a simple swimming area.

For centuries, the health benefits of water have been explored, both on a physical, mental and emotional level. The effect of the sound of water immediately impacts our senses and invites them to leave stress behind. Even in music and streaming platforms you can find playlists with relaxing sounds of water.


relax en la piscina

Geyser effect at the pool


It is increasingly difficult to achieve a pool with an original design, especially elements such as a fountain, a waterfall or a geyser for pools is a great way to take that step that makes the difference and helps us to create an original space.

The effect of a geyser in your pool

Installing a geyser in swimming pools is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to make your pool a unique, different space with an unusual design. The maintenance is minimal, it wastes practically no energy, it is respectful with the environment and the visual effect is wildly attractive.

We talk about a pool geyser to a system that is located under water and produces air to the surface creating the effect of a natural geyser as we can find in a protected area. It is a decorative element that does not influence the quality of the water or the general maintenance of the pool itself.

Besides the visual section, one of the best things about having a geyser in a pool is swimming with them. Bubbles and currents stimulate our body and make swimming much more pleasant. In fact, it has been proven that the effect of air and water jets have the ability to reduce fatigue, stimulate our nervous system and reduce depression.


piscinas con estilo

Pool fountain that reduces stress and brings calm


Trends for fountains in swimming pools

The trends for fountains in swimming pools combine the best of the aesthetic section with spa functions. One of the benefits of putting a fountain in a pool is to be able to enjoy the sound of the water as it falls constantly, a sound that has a relaxing effect that helps us to eliminate stress and disconnect from the tension of everyday life.

One of the most popular trends is to put a system that simulates a geyser in the pool, a type of decorative element that is very striking and radically transforms the bathing space into a decorative area that creates a perfect atmosphere around it.

It is very common that in the outside area where the pool is located, friends gather and social events take place, so if we have a LED lighting system that gives life to our pool and a fountain, we will achieve that the atmosphere is transformed and the evening is much more special.

If you are interested in improving the visual aspect of your pool or want to create a design from scratch, take the opportunity and introduce external elements that differentiate your pool from the rest. Current technology not only allows us to achieve chlorine-free maintenance systems that do not harm the environment and that have a reduced energy consumption, but also gives us the opportunity to explore the physical and visual possibilities that complements such as a fountain or a geyser, to the overall pool.

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