One of the advantages that technology gives us when planning the construction of swimming pools in Marbella is that we can try techniques and materials from anywhere in  the world. It doesn’t matter if the client wants a pool with a specific LED light system, a ledge with a groundbreaking design or simply looking for a natural pool design.

This town on the coast of Málaga has always been synonymous of luxury and exclusivity, so it is not surprising that architectural innovation is the next phase in the renovation of Marbella.

Swimming pools are a very important part of people’s lives, especially those who live in the city or work for tourist businesses that operate there because, thanks to a unique climate in which the sun gives us an enviable temperature most of the year, the design of a swimming pool makes more sense than ever in the knowledge that it is a space that we are going to enjoy for a long time.


Pool design in Marbella through our projects


On many occasions, the best way to achieve the pool design you’ve always dreamed of is to get to know other projects and see for yourself the sensations that each one brings about.

piscina desbordante


Building swimming pools in Marbella has become a way to differentiate your home from the rest and to achieve a unique and exclusive space that no one else has access to. Some of the best examples are our Marmara project (swimming pool covered with quartz stone), the Donaira project (in which we created the Luxury Exo Spa concept) or the interesting Orchis-Fleurac project (a swimming pool with hidden overflow), each one of them using a different concept that brings out the best in them and their surroundings, which adds up to  the swimming pool our clients dreamed of.

The key is to use innovative techniques, exclusive materials, to create a design and construction project for swimming pools tailored to each client and to integrate it into the environment so that the visual impact is as beautiful as possible.


Get to know Bisazza Mosaic and illuminate your pool


The Bisazza mosaic coating is one of the most spectacular techniques that exist right now. It is used to enhance the visual appearance of a pool. Thanks to the characteristic color of this material, we manage to give a special color to the water, enjoying natural sparkles that will remind us of the classic luxury of ancient Greece.

The Bisazza mosaic can be combined with a bronze pool ledge which, added to the tesserae will transport us immediately to a time when luxury was synonymous with balance, harmony, color and naturalness.

The construction of swimming pools in Marbella does not stop adding more and more spectacular designs that set the bar very high for the following projects, so if you have the privilege of visiting this wonderful city, do not hesitate to visit some of the hotel establishments or villas with some of the most beautiful pools in the world.

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