Having a luxury swimming pool it’s a good way to make your home more valuable and turn it into an attractive space that invites you to relax. But, perhaps you want to join one of the many new trends that emerge every year and that in this case has to do with having a beach at home. Creating your own beach sounds good, doesn’t it?

Since you can have a pool at home and enjoy it alone or in company, why wouldn’t you have a pool with sand that allows you to feel like you’re at the beach? Well, at Godopools, although we tend to look at trends in order to offer you surprising novelties, we do not recommend you to have a swimming pool with sand and we are going to explain why.

Swimming pools with an artificial sandy beach

exteriores de piscina

Hydrazzo Zagaleta pool from Godopools projects

First of all, swimming pools are not the same as a beaches, so the thought of a pool with sand doesn’t really fit in. Normally, there is grass, and in cases where you want to reproduce the idea of a beach, you use an exterior that looks like sand, but is not. These are certainly the best options.

Swimming pools with an artificial sandy beach do not have real sand, however, the aesthetics are similar to being on a beach. If this is what you want for your home, there is no problem at all. These pools are perfect, they have a different appearance and will allow you to feel like you are at the beach, but with all the advantages of a swimming pool.

Disadvantages of a pool surrounded by sand

You may be wondering why you should choose an artificial sandy beach instead of real sand. Well, the reasons are based on the big disadvantages that this can have. The first one you can imagine, all the dirt that sand can cause inside the pool. When stepping in the garden, when entering the house… The sand would end up being annoying.

But there is a very important disadvantage. Sand can inevitably get into the pool and end up clogging the cleaning systems. As a consequence, the water may not filter properly, the cleaning systems would be damaged and the water would become dirty more easily. It is therefore not a good idea to have a pool with real sand in your home.

Dirt, problems with the cleaning systems, damage to the pool that you will have to spend money on… Having a pool with sand can create more problems than benefits and that is why it is best to have a pool with an artificial sandy beach. It is true that there will be no sand, but it will have the aesthetics of a beach, a luxurious one.

Outdoor decoration for swimming pools

piscina con cascada

Marbella Club project with beach effect – Godopools

Do you want to have a luxury swimming pool with sand in your home? Well, you don’t have to forget about this ideas we are telling you, even if the real sand is not going to be present. At Godopools we design pools to your specifications so that you can enjoy a pool that looks like a beach in your own home.

You can find an example in our Hydrazzo Marbella Project. It is a swimming pool that has a beach entrance, but there is no real sand at any time. The aesthetics are great, the materials are high quality and the water cleaning systems are not at risk of being damaged. So you can enjoy your luxury pool without any problems.

Another of our proposals for outdoor pool decoration is our Marbella Club Project. This is a very special project, because if you walk around the perimeter of the pool you will have the sensation of walking along the shore of the beach. It can be another option if you want a swimming pool with sand, but without it.

At Godopools we want you to be able to create your own beach with a luxury pool if that’s what you want, but without the inconvenience of having real sand. We make your design to measure to adapt it to what you are looking for and so that you can experience the same sensations as if you were at the beach.

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