Saving water when filling a swimming pool is very important, both for your own savings at home and to avoid wasting large quantities of water. Depending on the size of your luxury pool, it can take more or less litres of water. Can you imagine having to fill it every year or when the water gets dirty?

Fortunately there are ways that you can save water in your pool that we at Godopools would like you to know about. Although we specialise in creating the luxury pool of your dreams and making it fit in perfectly with your home. We want you to have less inconveniences and costs with your pool.

Maintaining your pool all year round

pool cleaning

One of the strategies for saving water in your luxury pool is to keep it in top condition all year round. You may wonder how this can be possible if the water gets dirty due to the sun protection you wear when you use it, the leaves that may fall or the greenness in the water that may start to appear.

Well, you can achieve this if you have a good cleaning system. In this way, the water will be renewed and all that dirt that may cause you to have to discard all the water will be filtered out. In fact, you won’t have to worry about changing the water the following year. An effective way to save money.

A good way to maintain your pool all year round, in addition to the above, is to cover your pool. This works well in certain cases, for example if the pool is located in an area where there are trees and is always full of leaves. If this is not the case, a good cleaning system would be enough.

Saving water for filling your pool

Filling pool every year

There are other ways that can help you to save water, and also comfort, when filling your pool. One of them is to use rainwater. If you have not yet enjoyed your Godopools pool, try letting it fill up with rainwater. This way, you won’t have to waste water on it. If you have emptied your pool to clean it, this will also be useful. Many people already do this.

You can also use irrigation water. This is another way to fill your pool and save water while doing so. However, both rain and irrigation water are often not considered viable options, as pool water tends to turn brown or an unpleasant colour very quickly. That’s what Pure Tool Technology is for.

Pure Tool Technology System

Water filter for pools

At Godopools we want to help you save water in your pool and that’s why we offer the Pure Tool Technology system. It treats the water very effectively, prevents algae, destroys bacteria and removes all residues from the water. So you can use rainwater or irrigation water without any problems.

This system is suitable for the maintenance of your pool, so that you never have to change the water again. It will stay clean and even a cover will be completely unnecessary. It doesn’t matter that it’s winter now, when summer comes your pool water will be perfect. But the best thing is that you will have saved on water.

Saving water at home is important to preserve the environment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a luxury pool. Thanks to the Pure Tool Technology system, you will have no problem saving water. Because together we can all do our bit for the environment. Luxury can also be sustainable.

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