Did you know that one of the trends that is coming on strong in 2021 is solar showers? Perhaps you have never considered installing one in your garden with swimming pool, but it could be very interesting to consider them. It can be a good way to optimise your space, make it more comfortable and combine it with your luxury pool.

How does a solar shower work?

Although solar showers are a trend, it is essential that you know how they work so that you know whether or not you are interested in installing one in your garden with a swimming pool. Well, here comes the best part. A solar shower works in the same way as the one you have inside your house, but with the advantage that you don’t have to use hot water. A luxury investment.


Why is this possible? Because a solar shower has a collector (the place where the water is stored) that should be placed close to the sunlight. Thus, it is the sun’s energy that heats the water that you are going to use in your solar shower that you can enjoy in the area where you have chosen to install your Godopools pool.

You will feel like you are in a public swimming pool where there are several of these showers so that you can remove any traces of sun cream, mud or dirt that you may have stepped in the garden where your pool is located. Although, in this case, you can do it in your private garden with a swimming pool, away from prying eyes and enjoying the hot water which, in summer when night falls, is sometimes necessary.

Types of solar showers

Now that you know a bit more about solar showers, do you know that they are not all the same? Just as at Godopools we offer you different types of pools (natural, ecological, overflowing, infinity or with a waterfall), there are also different formats for solar showers. These are some of them.

Showers made of aluminium

There is a type of solar showers that are made of aluminium. This means that they are UV resistant, which is important because they will be exposed to the sun’s rays. These showers usually have a large capacity, up to 35 litres, so could this be an option for you? Also, as they are made of aluminium, they will have a lower price.

Showers made of stainless steel


Another type of solar showers are made of stainless steel. These showers are amazing, as stainless steel makes them very easy to clean while maintaining maximum hygiene. Also, they have a great durability and a high resistance to heat. So… what every solar shower needs.

Solar showers with tray

Are you looking for a solar shower that is as similar as possible to the one you have in your home? Well, that’s what solar showers with a tray are for. They can be made of the aforementioned materials, or they can also be made of PVC. A resistant material that has a useful life of about 50 years. So it will be a quality investment.

Wood-imitation solar showers

Solar showers in imitation wood look great in your garden with a swimming pool. Wood is a very elegant material, which makes any space cosy. Moreover, it can be great to match the shower with the decoration of your pool. As it imitates wood, it will not be damaged by being in contact with water.

Places where you can install a solar shower

Now comes perhaps the most difficult part: where to install a solar shower? Well, you must take into account that it should be exposed to sunlight and, if possible, that the sun should shine on it for as long as possible. Depending on the orientation of your house, you will have to choose one place or another.

It is advisable that it is close to the swimming pool so that it is easier for you to get out of it and take a hot shower. Don’t worry about the water. Cold water will come in and will heat up as you use up the water that has already reached a high temperature. Free hot water with a fabulous luxury shower.

At Godopools we have pools that will fit in perfectly with the environment, blend in with it, and also leave space for you to install a solar shower. Thus, the pool area will be a space similar to a spa. A luxury that you deserve.

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