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Family-run company dedicated to building and designing pools and spas since 1975.

Ana Mari, equipo GodoPools

Ana María Domínguez


Ana María, born in Málaga, created the company in 1975, when she established her place of residence in Marbella.

Her unwearied and persistent character have allowed her to adapt the company to the continuous changes on the market and to achieve that the company has already exceeded the threshold of 40 years of service.

Francisco, equipo GodoPools

Francisco Gómez


Francisco is the Executive Director of the company. He began to work in it when it was still just a small family business in 2005 and since then his professional career has been progressing until he became an absolute expert in the construction of swimming pools at the highest level.

Nowadays he is in charge of not only the business branch but, as Project Manager, he makes the follow-up of all projects, both directly with our clients and with associated architecture studios.

Sergio, equipo GodoPools

Sergio Gómez

Construction manager

Sergio is responsible for the correct execution and development of all projects on site. His work is one of the most important within the company, since he has to anticipate problems, look for solutions and execute each project with the quality and professionalism that characterizes us.

In continuous communication with our CEO, Sergio ensures that the development of each project is impeccable.

Raquel, equipo GodoPools

Raquel Gómez


Raquel is responsible for the treatment and analysis of water.

Over the years, she has specialized in becoming a true expert in her field. She is currently in charge of the entire Pure Pool Technology branch of GodoPools, focused on the 100% ecological treatment of the pool.

Anabel, equipo GodoPools

Anabel Gómez

Technical engineer

Anabel is responsible for the entire technical branch of GodoPools projects.

Once she finished her studies in Technical Engineering, she has successfully completed the Professional Course of Info Architecture in 3D to grow professionally in this area, so in vogue at the moment.

Currently all her work is focused on the family business. She is charge of the design and development of swimming pool installations; the creation of 3D designs; and the whole area of pool automation control, through our Pool Tech Connection system.

Laura, equipo GodoPools

Laura Reyes


Laura has been the latest incorporation to the company. She is responsible for the communication branch and the digital marketing of the company.

Her daily work focuses on planning a digital marketing strategy and meet the pre-established objectives, so that the company remains being a benchmark in its sector.

In addition, she deals with the coordination of the different associated professionals: specialists in graphic design, web design, SEO, etc.

Joaquin, equipo GodoPools

Joaquín Escalera

Administration and finance

Joaquín is responsible for the control and monitoring of the company's finances since 1995. He performs an arduous task, as he also makes the follow-up of imported goods and suppliers.

Careful and responsible professional, Joaquin has been evolving with the company and adapting to the changes that have been happening over the years.

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