Every year the trends in architecture become a little more daring and the trends exceed a standard that is already higher than ever. An example of this are Infinity pools, which have the ability to visually transform the space you choose to take it to the next level.

Whether it’s choosing a volcanic rock liner to create a more exotic nature connection effect, integrating materials such as the olive green limestone that is so popular in Balinese culture, or using natural stone to give the water a blue colour reminiscent of the Mediterranean, there have never been so many options to customise an infinity pool and create the project of your dreams.

Some of the most spectacular Infinity pools in Spain can be found in Marbella in the Zagaleta, with a cobalt blue Bisazza mosaic coated design with copper highlights. In addition to this we find a Greek border in bronze whose reflections do not leave anyone indifferent. In the same location we can find the Grigio Piombo project, a swimming pool with an ivory cream marble finish and a technology that controls both the play of light in the pool and the quality of the water in it.

The infinity pool designs that you will want at home

Infinity pools, like the one in Marmara Project,  provide a touch of elegance thanks to their overflowing edge that produces an spectacular sensation when combined with certain elements. If you take advantage of the surrounding light, you can achieve a mirror effect that makes your pool “melt” into the sky, which automatically fills the space with peace and invites you to relax and rest.

In GodoPools we personalize 100% infinity pools to get not only a modern pool but a result that exceeds your expectations and becomes your favorite space inside your home.

Thanks to the 3D design technology you will know the result of your project in advance and you will be able to make the desired adjustments until you get the endless pool design you want. From the most exotic project to the most exclusive overflowing pool you can dream of.

infinity pool


What is the difference between an infinity pool and an overflowing pool?

Before you start planning your dream pool it is important to know the difference between infinity pools and overflowing pools. Because, although a priori they share many characteristics, there is a vital difference that makes them completely different.

Infinity pools are a type of pool that fall into the category of overflowing pools but with a design that plays with the optical effect of not seeing where the swimming pool itself ends. While an overflowing pool as such is a modern one that has the water level at the same height as the surrounding soil, ensuring that the water does not escape thanks to a system of gutters covered by grids.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you prefer an infinity pool or an overflowing one, the options for customising your project will allow you to achieve a modern, exclusive pool in which you will spend some of your best moments with your family and surrounded by friends.

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