Mosaics offer an infinite number of colour combinations for luxury pools. So much so that they adapt very well to any type of style and atmosphere. Because of that, it is one of the most demanded pool linings that has a high quality, just what your pool needs. Moreover, the result will be unique. No pool design will be the same as yours. Let’s see what options you have so you can get your mosaic finish for pool.

Choosing mosaic as your pool lining

Choosing mosaic as a lining for your pool is a safe bet. The quality of this material makes it one of the most used. Besides, it gives a unique touch to your pool. Not only because you choose the classic blue mosaic lining. There are many more options to make your mosaic pool design a special gift.

building pool mosaic

Laying of mosaic in a greige tone. A trendy colour.

Why choosing the right design for your mosaic pool is important? Because this lining will give one colour or another to your pool finish. Get a unique style and elegant impression for your luxury pool. You can take the trends in mosaic for luxury pools as a reference, which we will talk about below.

Mosaic trends for swimming pools

The trends for mosaic pool that are having an increasing presence in luxury pools are the dark shades. The black colour, sometimes combined with metallic sparkling shades is one of the keys to give your pool a completely different style. In addition, sunlight can generate a very curious effect.

Other trends are blue or green tones (in various shades) mixed with white. But, there are others much more risky if you are more into different flavours. We are talking about figures and prints in vibrant colours, as well as floral and hexagonal designs that are having great success in luxury pools.

luxury covered pool

Mosaic design at Central Park Tower (New York)

There are also combinations of blue with gold elements, and other options in which the pool lining is directly gold in colour. We cannot leave behind the use of borders and the brightness that is the main character of many pool mosaic designs. The result is amazing and will not go unnoticed.

Choose from an infinity of designs made in mosaic for swimming pools

As you have seen, you can choose from a large number of designs made in mosaic for swimming pools. Tiles that acquire different colours and combine with each other to make the bottom of your pool different from any other. If you have been looking for exclusive designer pools for a long time, now you can choose yours thanks to these new designs with pool mosaic in Godopools.

pool lining design

Flower mosaic design at Four Seasons Resort Dubai

At Godopools we design your custom mosaic pool and help you choose the mosaic design that best suits what you are looking for. Besides, you have infinity of possibilities, from overflowing or infinite pools, among others. Enjoy a different design in your luxury pool made with quality materials that will give you an aesthetic result and, at the same time, functional. Contact us now.

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