The installation of a pool waterfall is one of the aesthetic elements that makes all the difference between a common design and one that captivates the eye and the senses. Waterfalls in swimming pools also have a series of health benefits that make them an investment that is not only aesthetic but also beneficial for our entire family.


From a medical point of view, much research has been done into the effect of the sound of water on people’s health, their ability to relax, relieve stress and improve sleep. In addition, waterfalls for swimming pools increase ambient humidity and reduce dust, which helps people with respiratory problems in particular.


exclusive pools

Swimming pool waterfall as an exclusive element


The therapeutic characteristics of water and waterfalls in swimming pools are one of the main reasons why this element is so appreciated when designing a professional project. Regardless of whether we are talking about a stone waterfall pool or a stainless steel waterfall, our pool will be completely transformed, exceeding all our expectations.


Which waterfall to choose depending on your pool type?


Not all swimming pool waterfalls are the same, and fortunately there are more and more types and designs to suit every customer’s needs. Depending on whether we want a waterfall for a stone pool, a waterfall on the pool wall, if we prefer a waterfall that takes advantage of LED technology or if we want a spa pool, we will have to choose different elements that will best fit the design we have in mind.


For example, a waterfall integrated into a pool wall enhances the spa and health effect. But on the other hand, there are also designs of waterfalls for swimming pools in which only the decorative and aesthetic component is sought to give a personalized touch to our space.


Combining pool and spa is possible


Among all the possible combinations, the one we like the most is the one that combines the pool with the spa. It is a wonderful way to take advantage of all the benefits that water curtains have both at a visual level to fool our senses and to treat health conditions such as muscle aches, stress, blood pressure or calm the nervous system.


exclusive pool

Combine spa and pool


The effect of the water when falling relieves the tension of our muscles and reduces the stress that we accumulate due to the frenetic lifestyle to which we have become accustomed. Depending on the strength of the water we can help improve blood pressure or we can simply choose a spa waterfall that relaxes us with its sound. 


Spa wellness areas are one of the most sought-after requirements when travelling and choosing a hotel for relaxation during a holiday or a business trip. So if you are looking for a design for your home or business, combining a pool with a spa is a long-term investment that will only bring you advantages.


Pool waterfalls with LED lighting


One of the most striking effects at the aesthetic level is the incorporation of LED lighting to stone or stainless steel waterfalls in swimming pools. Lighting techniques have the ability to transform a space and make it look like a completely different pool.


Waterfalls in pools with LED lighting are especially striking in the afternoon and at night when there is no longer any sunlight. They allow us to enjoy our pool without having to resort to traditional lighting and create a magical atmosphere that is difficult to explain if we are not there ourselves enjoying it in person.



Elements that turn your pool into a spa


Pool decoration is one of the best parts when designing a space of these characteristics. Adding different elements such as a stone waterfall for the pool we manage to integrate the pool in the natural environment and adding a hydromassage system will turn our pool into a fantastic spa.


Another of the most used elements to turn a pool into a spa are the Turkish baths, which help us to release tension and increase the oxygen exchange capacity of the lungs.


Regardless of whether you are designing an indoor or outdoor pool, there are a lot of elements to set up a wellness spa wherever you wish.


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