Building a swimming pool is one of the most important decisions a person makes when deciding on the design of their home. The construction of a luxury swimming pool has the potential to multiply the value of a home, but it also means an increase in the quality of life of the tenants who live in it.

Whether it is a spa pool, an indoor pool or a project that seeks to build a spectacular pool that is the centrepiece of the house, there are certain aspects that we have to take into account and that nobody usually thinks about.

The budget for the construction of a swimming pool varies depending on many elements and today we are going to talk about the time when the project is planned and executed, the advantages of building a swimming pool in autumn and why it is the best time to do this type of work at home.


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Building a swimming pool in autumn, advantages of doing it

The vast majority of people do not think about building a swimming pool in autumn because of a natural temperature issue. We all remember swimming pools when it starts to get hot and we need to cool down, but no one usually thinks that from spring onwards the demand is so great that it is difficult to get a construction team, even less so when it comes to building a luxury pool.

The decision to build a swimming pool in the autumn brings a series of advantages for the client, highlighting better service from the company, which at that time has a lighter workload, and going through a greater speed in the execution of the project.

Personalised attention when building your swimming pool

One of the best advantages of building a swimming pool in autumn is that, as it is a time with less demand, the company can offer the client more personalised attention. A very important point that facilitates communication between client and company, so that designing your dream pool is a simple and fast process.

Professional personalised service for the design of a luxury pool is a key non-negotiable factor. The construction of a pool involves many more details than the client usually anticipates at first, from the use of a large number of different materials, to the different techniques available for the maintenance and cleaning of the water, the furniture, the decoration, the harmony with the rest of the house or simply the garden that surrounds it.


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Pool with furniture In-Pool Furniture Collection from Godopools


All these details require good communication and being able to dedicate the necessary time until all the options have been studied, a process much easier to follow in autumn than in high season when you work against the clock.

Indoor swimming pool at home to enjoy in winter

Building a pool at home is one of the most shared dreams among all people who want a dream pool. This type of indoor pool allows us to enjoy the water all year round without the influence of the temperature of the environment, which opens up a range of possibilities never before seen.


Covered pool

Houses with luxury pools have the possibility of adding the spa option to make the swimming space as complete as possible. The spa pools are characterised by accessories such as waterfalls, sauna, different temperatures, pressure jets and seats designed specifically for each client.

Building a pool in the cold season makes the building work set better

Another advantage of building swimming pools in autumn is the increase in rain, humidity and lower temperatures, factors that make the work better. The materials used for the design of the pools harden a lot if they are under the sun or if the temperature is very high, which hinders the work and reduces the quality of the setting.

It is very common to see how the works have to be protected from the sun, which makes building a pool increase the budget, something that does not happen during the autumn and winter months.

Turn your home into a dream place with a luxury pool and enjoy the space you have always dreamed of.

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