Pool automation: Why is it so useful to control your pool with an automated pool system?

Just as the Internet of things has come to stay, home automation technology has been established in the most advanced homes, and also in their swimming pools.

Pool automation. GodoPools

However, while not all homes still have home automation, since it is usually installed in recently built homes and in those with a medium / high construction quality, the same is not true for pool automation.


Until relatively recently, the maintenance of the pool’s water quality had to be carried out manually, with a traditional equipment, since there was no other way. On the contrary, we currently have intelligent equipment that is capable of controlling all water parameters without wasting time.


Pool automation. GodoPools

The big difference that exists between home automation and pool automation is that any pool can install an automated pool system, regardless of its age and the type of water treatment it has, be it chlorine, salt or any other more advanced system, like the 100% ecological PurePoolTechnology. In other words, you do not need to carry out any renovation in the pool to be able to incorporate a pool automation software and start enjoying a quality water, 100% controlled.

That said, let’s go on to list the 10 great advantages of pool automation:

Control of pool water climate

Through your own mobile or iPad (linked to the automated pool equipment) you can control and adjust the water temperature so that it is always as you wish.

Control of filtering programs

Home automation for swimming pools allows the start-up and shutdown of water recirculation pumps from the mobile. In this way, we can verify ourselves that the filtration media work correctly and make sure that the pool water is clean, free of algae and bacteria.

Control of pool lighting

It will allow you to turn the pool lights on and off or even program the lighting to be on for a period of time or in the time slot you decide.

Control of disinfection equipment

Pool automation. GodoPools

UV Technology of Pure Pool Technology.

Home automation equipment will be able to control the disinfection of your pool, whether you use chlorine, ozone or ultraviolet equipment.

Through your device you can check in real time the levels of chlorine, oxygen, bromine and pH. The equipment will automatically dose the amount needed at each moment, without the need of worrying about it.

If, on the other hand, your pool uses ozone or ultraviolet equipment as disinfection systems, home automation will allow you to activate or deactivate their systems.

Within this point it is important to note that pool automation also allows a technician to manage the maintenance and disinfection of the pool remotely, without having to travel to the property, which is very practical for those customers who spend a lot of time out of home and who do not wish to provide maintenance staff with access keys.

If you have not yet chosen a disinfection system for your pool and you have doubts, you may be interested in our post on Eco pools.

Control of pool waterfalls

Pool automation. GodoPools

When a pool has waterfalls, it is very useful to use pool automation to control their functioning from the mobile and, for example, start them at specific times.

Control of other elements (Small details that make the difference!)

Control of lawn irrigation

Many people are unaware that the use of pool automation is very wide and can even be used to control the watering hours of the garden area.

Control of pool bottom cleaning 

Through your mobile phone you can connect and turn off the pool cleaner to start cleaning the bottom of the pool. Thus, you can control that the cleanliness of the pool is always the desired one, regardless of the fact that you have or not maintenance staff.

Control of pool automatic covers

Another really useful functionality of pool automation allows you to have the control to cover or uncover the pool with your automatic cover when you decide.

Those clients who spend a lot of time out of home or abroad are the ones who appreciate this type of functionalities.


Control of pool’s atmosphere (LED’s and music)

Pool automation. GodoPools

Let’s not forget that many swimming pools have now become art works, including LED’s in the pool, decorative fountains and jets, etc.

Through pool automation, you can modify at any time the environment of the pool, the range of colors, the music, or even program the lights or make sequence changes.

Control de warnings or alarms

Last but not least, pool automation will allow you to receive on our device any type of warning that is generated or alarm that needs to be solved by a technical team.

The great advantage of receiving this alarm in real time is that any incident can be solved by a technician remotely and in a short space of time, without even needing to move to the facility. This will prevent major damages in the long term.

In short, the traditional way of maintaining the pools is gradually lagging behind, and it is being displaced by pool automation. Currently, pool automation saves us a lot of time in worries and avoids having to perform a weekly water analysis manually, as we will have absolute control of the pool parameters in our mobile.

Pool automation. GodoPools

Technology is here to stay and sometimes it can make life so easy for us!

And you? Have you ever managed a pool from your mobile or iPad? Or do you prefer the traditional system? Thank you for your comments!

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