We talk about 3D design prior to the construction of a pool to the digital project in which we show the client the result of their pool before the execution of the project. This technique allows us to correct errors, differences or introduce last minute changes that previously meant the paralysis or the lengthening of the work.

People have different capacities that develop more or less depending on our genetics and also on the stimuli that surround us throughout our lives. An important point is spatial vision and our ability to imagine an element within a given physical context, a characteristic that very few people have and that gives architects a lot of headaches.


maqueta piscina

3D design at Cortesin project- Godopools


How many of us paint a room and when we see the color we realize that it is different from how we imagined it? The 3D design of a swimming pool shows us the project we want within a physical space in a millimetric way, with no margin for error.

With the use of this technology we manage to optimize the available resources, reduce the time that the work takes and study with the client different possibilities for the design of a unique swimming pool that he has always dreamed of.

Advantages of 3D design: Why is it recommended?

The advantages of 3D design are many, but the most important of all is that it allows the client to see the final result of their pool project in a realistic way. This avoids disappointment with a wrong idea of the result, last minute changes and reduces the cost of the project.


diseño de piscinas en Marbella

3D design of the Godopools project Orchis Marbella


Another important point when reviewing the advantages of designing a 3D swimming pool is that it allows us to adjust the project according to the client in real time. We can add and remove different elements, modify the size, color, shape, materials, position, depth and all kinds of adjustments until the client finds a combination that connects 100%.

3D luxury pool design allows us to find the perfect balance within the space where the pool is going to be built or renovated. It tells us beforehand if any extra adjustments need to be made to the pool environment to make it fit perfectly aesthetically and, above all, makes the client feel part of the project and connect emotionally with it.

Results 100% according to the client


diseño de exteriores

3D design of Godopools project Infinity Guadalmina


One of the most common problems in architecture studios, construction companies and decoration companies is that the design that is projected does not have a result 100% according to the client. Whether it is due to small variations, physical or technical problems or a mistake in the off-plan design, the truth is that a small error can ruin a wonderful design of a spectacular pool.

This is only one of the reasons why in Godopools we make a previous design of the swimming pool in 3D. Since, not only it allows us to study to the detail all the technical aspects of the swimming pool, but with this system we can anticipate to possible difficulties, errors in the execution of the same one and eliminate modifications at the last moment.

3D technology for swimming pool design has spread among architectural studios and nowadays it is unfeasible to present a project without first having a three-dimensional equivalent that shows the final result in advance. It is a way to avoid last-minute reforms and for the client to have real expectations of how their pool will look in the space they have chosen.

The design of an exclusive pool has the capacity to multiply the value of a home or business. An original swimming pool can turn the area into the star space of your home and make all social or family gatherings take place in a unique and special atmosphere. After all, the visual aspect is still the most important when it comes to valuing and enjoying the things around us.


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