Building a dream pool is a goal that many people share but very few manage to achieve. It is common that the client does not know how to express precisely the design he has in mind and the architect or the construction company has to interpret his indications.

This problem disappears with the 3D design for swimming pools, a technology that allows the client to see in a real, close and very precise way, all the elements of the swimming pool that are inside the project. In this way, no misunderstandings arise, modifications, suggestions and last minute changes can be made without affecting the final result.


diseño en 3d

3D project called Guadalmina


When a person with no knowledge of architecture designs a swimming pool and transfers the idea to the company that is going to carry out the project, they usually do not take into account all the main elements of a swimming pool and they need to have the support of a team of professionals who will guide them and help them to give shape to the design that they so much desire.

Why is it advisable to design a 3D swimming pool prior to construction?

To achieve a dream pool we have to pay attention to all the details and elements of a pool. It is not enough to draw the shape and choose a type of tile for the covering, by designing 3D pools we play with the limits of imagination and explore colors, shapes, types of lighting, patterns in the mosaic, different types of finish, the use of exotic materials, you can create a design of an overflowing pool or a design of pools with waterfalls.

The 3D design for pools is recommended to see if the project we have in mind fits well with the rest of the environment. Because, it is not the same to make a pool design for houses than a pool for a hotel or a sports club.


diseño piscina con jardín

3D design of Cortesin project made by Godopools


While in a home pool design you have more freedom to create an original design with virtually no limitations, in a business pool we will have to consider pool elements for many more people, including furniture, handicap access or child protection among others.

Choose your dream pool with the ideas in your mind

Thanks to the 3D pool design technology you will be able to shape the ideas you like most about your dream pool to have a clear picture of the final result before the project work starts. But, beyond saving costs and subsequent reforms, the key to 3D design is the possibility of transferring from your mind to “paper” the concept you have been thinking about for so long.

A 3D design allows almost unlimited modifications and makes people see realistically how all the pool elements will look. The latter is very important because one of the problems you see most in architecture is that the final result of a project is not what the client expected 100%.

The best 3D designs and their subsequent result in reality


piscina con fuente

3D design of Marrakech project by Godopools


3D pool designs include 360 degree project development. That is to say, throughout 4 phases we go from drawing a foreground of the main ideas, the areas, to develop the technical part, to contrast with technical experts all the details of the project for, in the last step, to pass an audit of the project before beginning the execution.

With this system we achieve the best 3D designs of swimming pools and that each client is satisfied with the final result. We make you part of the project and we integrate you in every step of it. Specialists give their opinion about the best available options that adjust to every detail of the design and a team of professionals are in charge of giving you life with the highest quality possible and taking care of the finishes and every element of the project.

The client receives a result that is exactly the same as the 3D design he had previously approved, which leaves no room for surprises and only the satisfaction of having achieved the pool of his dreams.


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