One of the fundamental pillars of healthy, youthful, and well-balanced skin is water. Whether it is internal hydration or the use of water for external care, the benefits of water on the skin are scientifically proven and are a topic of repeated conversation in every dermatologist’s practice.

Including spa elements in a pool allows us to give our skin a series of essential cares that not only prevent certain skin diseases and treat many others, but also provide elasticity and help us recover the natural tone of the skin.

Something as simple as jets of water in swimming pools help us to relieve stress, relax our muscles and have a very positive effect on our nervous system. One of the benefits of thermal water for the skin is that you can also play with the temperature or the mineral composition of the water to achieve specific effects.


proyecto Etoiles Blue

Waterfall at Etoiles Blue Project, Godopools


Does cold water really benefit our skin and leave it smooth?

The benefits of cold water on the skin are a natural response to the way our body reacts to changes in temperature. When our skin comes into contact with cold water, a series of specific mechanisms are activated, such as the blood circulation in the area, increasing oxygenation, reducing inflammation and promoting better kidney function.

In addition to all these benefits of water on the skin, there is the aesthetic factor, as cold water manages to leave our skin smoother, reduces facial swelling, dark circles under the eyes and gives us greater luminosity, increases the shine of the hair and gives us a healthier appearance.

How to improve the skin’s elasticity through water

Loss of skin elasticity is one of the most difficult effects of the passage of time to control. Cold water promotes skin hydration, reduces the appearance of wrinkles at an early age and helps us to preserve our natural firmness.

Including spa elements in a home pool means that we will have access to a series of treatments on a regular basis that were previously reserved for the most exclusive beauty clinics and luxury spas.


spa interior

Hidromassager at Fleurac Welness project GodoPools


The elasticity of our skin affects our appearance, has a strong impact on our self-esteem and therefore it is very important to take all possible measures to preserve and/or recover it. The benefits of water on the skin are many, but improving skin elasticity is one of the most valued and one of the main reasons why more and more people want to design a spectacular pool with a spa at home.

The importance of skin hydration

The hydration of the skin is more than a beauty benefit, it is synonymous with health and is not negotiable under any circumstances. Drinking water regularly is important for the proper functioning of our organism and going to a swimming pool spa allows us to give our skin the external care it deserves after the accumulated stress of the week.

The benefits of water on the skin are such that even in the Korean 10 step beauty routine, water and hydration is one of the most important points. This routine starts with a water-only face wash in the morning and is followed by a series of products where watery bases are repeated. In the evening, or if you use make-up, you wash your face with oil soap and then with a water-based purifying soap.

Cosmetics have been making water the key to all their secrets for centuries and even today this legacy is still present in the beauty industry. More and more spa centres with swimming pools are using techniques where water is the centre, whether it is with saltwater pools, a bath in mineral-rich water or the contrast between cold and hot water with pool jets that activate blood circulation, reduce swelling and decongest the skin.


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