Swimming for older people is a very complete exercise and this is why many people practice it. Staying active, especially at this age, is essential to feel agile, energetic and to avoid certain illnesses related to the age. That’s why, the best option is having your own luxury pool at home! There will be fewer excuses to benefit from all the advantages that swimming has for the elderly.

It’s not the same to go to a gym or somewhere where a pool is available for swimming as having one already at home. That’s why having a swimming pool for the elderly is important even more if you think about your safety. On our website you will find a wide variety of options and, in addition, we offer you the possibility of designing your own luxury swimming pool.

Why swimming after 60?

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Swimming for the over-60s is very important. In old age, different pathologies can appear associated with the loss of bone mass, bone fragility and a loss of resistance that can cause extreme exhaustion just by climbing a few stairs. Swimming for seniors can prevent these problems and even improve the quality of life.

That’s why swimming for older people is so important. Moreover, this type of exercise is a very harmless practice. There is no need to make a great physical effort and there is no risk of breakage or injury. On the other hand, swimming helps to prevent osteoporosis by strengthening bones and muscles. It also improves the symptoms of those who suffer from some kind of respiratory disease. It’s all advantages.

Swimming in adults with back problems

Having a swimming pool for the elderly will help to prevent and improve back problems that affect this age group. For example, a herniated disc can benefit from this practice. The reason for this is that swimming for seniors will strengthen the abdominal and lumbar area and relieve the pain that a hernia can cause.

To achieve this, there are different swimming exercises for adults that allow to improve this type of pathology obtaining a great improvement. If you decide to have your own luxury pool at home, then you will discover some exercises that you can do every day. They will improve your health and prevent future problems.

Swimming exercises at home

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There are different swimming exercises at home for the elderly. For example, those swimming exercises for the back that are most recommended can be the V-row on your back or swimming with a “pull-boy” that should be placed between your knees. This reduces back pain and also helps to improve posture.

Swimming exercises for the neck can be hugging a board face up and doing a breaststroke kick. Also, it can help in the same posture to use a buoyancy tube and stretch your arms above your head. All these swimming exercises at home will achieve a great improvement and a greater well-being for the elderly.

Now that you know some of the benefits of swimming for older people, it’s time to finally build your pool at home. On our website you will discover several luxury options that will suit your needs.

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