The use of white Carrara marble is a symbol of luxury, exclusivity and good taste that has been maintained in society since 48-44 BC when the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar began using this material for public buildings in Rome, a movement that was soon copied by the richest families at that time who wanted to simulate the splendour of Caesar’s palace.


The white Carrara marble has the particularity of having a quite special colour, both for its “whiteness” and for its blue and grey reflections, as well as for being a type of marble that has almost no veins and with a very fine grain that is quite complicated to find.


mármol de Carrara

Marble finish for pool


Carrara is a municipality in the province of Massa-Carrara in Tuscany (Italy) and, besides having become very popular for its polished white marble, appears in the novels of Dante Alighieri and has monuments such as a cathedral from the 12th century or a ducal palace well known among art and architecture lovers. 


Swimming pool trends with marble finishes


Marble finishes are synonymous of beauty because they remind us of key elements of our culture and a past in which art, beauty and balance were everything. Agrippa’s Pantheon and Trajan’s Column are made of white Carrara marble. It was also Michelangelo’s favourite material for his sculptures and the Cathedral of Siena is full of decorative elements made of this material.


A white marble swimming pool replicates the beauty canon of this period when the cult of proportion was above the opulence. Greek and Roman society had an impact till nowadays and of which we see traces in everything around us.


The pools with white Carrara marble finishes are striking because this material is difficult to find as it is imported directly from the quarries in the Apuan Alps of Carrara. Special transport is needed to move it without accidents and there are very few companies that work with it.


piscina con rampa

Los Monteros Godopools project with finish in Carrara marble

But this, which at first sight seems to be a problem, is actually one of the reasons why Carrara marble is so appreciated and valued among architecture lovers. Not only because you get a pool with an elegant and unique aesthetic, but behind it there is a double artistic reading that reminds us the importance of this material throughout history.


The quality of the white Carrara marble


If Carrara marble is popular on an artistic level it is not only because of its beauty, but because it has a composition that is perfect to last over time. We know of buildings or sculptures that have been with us for centuries and that are preserved in very good conditions, something that is not usually common if you use stone or other materials of poorer quality.


A swimming pool with white Carrara marble has finishes that are more striking aesthetically than normal marble, but we can not forget that another advantage is the durability of it. A finish with Carrara marble guarantees that the pool will remain in perfect condition for longer.


We can choose several types of Carrara marble being mainly popular the varieties C, CD and D (they differ in the grain), which are very mouldable and admit all kinds of treatments, brightness, pumice, polished, aged or even sandblasted.


Choosing a pool with white marble is something that is not common, so it is more important than ever to choose a type of marble finish that guarantees the level of quality, aesthetics and finish that we want. In the end, the aesthetic element is not everything and if it were not for the high quality of Carrara white marble, this type of material would not have maintained its popularity over so many years and through so many political and social periods. 

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