Water accidents are a shadow that accompanies the spring and summer season that could be avoided by increasing the safety swimming pools and other water environments for children. Guarded spaces should also have preventive measures such as child safety barriers and other elements to protect bathers.


According to the Spanish Association of Water Rescue and Lifeguard Technicians (AETSAS), in the last 5 years the number of people who have drowned in Spain has doubled, which highlights the importance of increasing safety in children’s pools, as this age group is the most vulnerable.


seguridad en la piscina

Child’s swimming pool


Every summer between 8,000 and 10,000 rescue operations are carried out in swimming pools, beaches and rivers, the majority of which are children, and although only a small percentage die in swimming pools, the common objective is to bring this figure down to 0.


Safety elements for children in swimming pools


Children’s pools must have a series of protective measures that go far beyond a lifeguard. We are talking about  swimming pool slide, which must be a approved by the EU, as well as the installation of safety barriers for children when continuous 24-hour surveillance cannot be guaranteed.


According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the second cause of accidental death in Spain is drowning, a figure that is just behind traffic accidents. These figures reflect the fact that there is still a major safety problem and that we have to take children’s pool safety very seriously.


Materials that will make your pool safer for your children


When designing a children’s pool it is important to understand that safety is the top priority, over aesthetics, price or comfort. We talk about safety in children’s pools to the set of materials, elements and preventive techniques that prevent any accident from happening.


It is advisable to install a safety barrier in every children’s pool, as well as the use of softer materials, avoiding spikes, using rounded finishes, installing surfaces that are not very slippery and illuminating the pool very well with LED lighting.


It is also important to note that the pool bottom should not exceed a certain depth, the adult area should be clearly marked off from the children’s area and the children’s pool should be easily accessible for effortless entry and exit.


niños en la piscina

Having fun at the pool


Water safety features


Inside the water we have to have safety elements such as life jackets, accesses every few meters, grabbing systems, unevenness of depth, good lighting and non slippery surfaces.


Safety in children’s pools is much more complex than that of adults because they do not have the physical capacity or endurance to swim for a long time, so the best way to avoid a serious accident is prevention.


If we install a waterfall for swimming pools we will have to take into account the height and force of the water fall so that it is not dangerous for children. It is also important that the waterfall is well lit and that it does not hinder the mobility of the little ones.


Safety outside the pool for your children


In the outdoor area of children’s pools we have to install a safety barrier, as well as certify that all the extra elements such as the pool slides are approved and safe.


One of the most important points is the lighting of the pool so that the little ones can see the limits of the pool and do not fall in at night. Furthermore, it is a good idea to combine a traditional lighting system with an alarm that is activated when movement is detected within the pool area.


The possibilities for protecting children in swimming pools are many and, fortunately, both companies that work designing swimming pools and security companies tend to pay more and more attention to this type of element to avoid unnecessary accidents that are repeated every year.

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