Is your pool ready to move to the next level? And you?

If you are one of those who enjoy bathing, sunbathing and company in and out of the water, … you will like to know these pool loungers. Made of an extra resistant material, they have been created to be placed inside the pool and to help you enjoy unique experiences in the water.

Pool loungers. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools

Yes! You heard correctly. This line of top quality sun loungers and pool seats is integrated into the pool, so that nothing interrupts your sunny days and fun. Do you want to know more about them?


Features of pool loungers

Pool loungers. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools

The In-Pool furniture collection from GodoPools has arrived to transform your sun days and experiences in the water into something totally new.

But first of all, you may want to know what is special about these pool loungers:




All the elements of the In-Pool furniture collection are made with a high quality resin whose characteristics make it ideal for the pool environment: it does not fade over time, it does not warp or get mildew, as it happens in other products of recycled resin (the cheapest we find in stores).

In addition, this material can withstand up to 16,000 hours of direct sun and 10 years of use, without spoiling. Of course any of the sun loungers in this collection are a good investment!

Sun loungers. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools


The fabric of the pillows, cushions and mats is really resistant in water environments. In fact, it is the same that is used in marine vessels. That is why it includes a 10-year guarantee against fading and its sun protection has received the seal of approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation.

As if this were not enough, the fabrics of the loungers and sun beds can be cleaned with chemicals such as bleach, which is very useful for beach clubs and swimming pool areas where a large number of people make use of them every day.

Another very practical feature in the fabrics is that the interior foams are breathable, mildew-proof and fast drying, so that if we sit wet on a sun bed, it will dry quickly.


Other elements

Contrary to other cheaper lines of pool loungers, the In-Pool furniture collection has the advantage that it does not have screws, so oxidation is not a possibility, and, in addition, the cushions of the beds are fastened by resistant plastic clasps, that are very easy to fix.



This is the great difference between this line of sun loungers for swimming pools and other lines that you will find on the market: the high quality. What’s more, you can find the In-Pool furniture collection in the most high-end luxury resorts around the world, such as the Alanda Hotel in Marbella, because this collection of pool loungers owns a commercial grade. Do you know what this means? It means that these pool loungers have a much higher guaranteed quality, ideal for hotels, resorts, spas, resorts, etc.

Pool loungers. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools

In-Pool Furniture Collection


In this type of decorative elements customization is very important. Why? For the simple fact that if you already have a swimming pool finished in natural turquoise stones, to give an example, most likely you want your new loungers to match the color of the pool scene (pool, house, terrace coverings, etc.).

The In-Pool Furniture Collection line offers you a wide variety of shades and colors, both for the resin of sun loungers, chairs and sun beds, as well as for cushions and umbrellas. In addition, you can engrave the logo you want, making this line an object of desire for the most demanding customers.

In-water loungers. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools

Requirements of the swimming pool

Perhaps you are wondering if your pool is suitable to include these sun loungers that will change your sunny days forever.

You should know that, on the one hand, all sun loungers and sun beds are suitable for any type of pool, whether made up with concrete, vinyl or fiberglass. On the other hand, regardless of the water treatment your pool uses, be it chlorine, salt or a more advanced pool water treatment, such as Pure Pool Technology, In-Pool furniture loungers are resistant in all types of waters. This is great news if you already have a pool and don’t want to make any more changes to it!


When integrating the sun loungers into your pool, it is important that you know that the area where the sun lounger is located must have a maximum of 40 cm. deep.

In addition, depending on the type of furniture chosen (sun lounger, chair or sun bed lounger), the entrance to the pool must be between 1.5 and 2.5 meters long, in order to be able to place the furniture correctly.

Sun loungers. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools


Types of sun loungers for pools

All the pool loungers in this collection are designed to be integrated into the pool water. Depending on the characteristics and style of your pool, you can choose between one or the other.

We present them to you!


Seats for pools

Depending on the depth of the water at the entrance of your pool you can choose between several options:

1.- Loungers for depths up to 22 cm.

In-water loungers. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools

2.- Loungers for depths up to 38 cm.

Deluxe loungers. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools


3.- Seats for depths up to 38 cm.

In-water seats. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools


Sun bed loungers

Depending on the use that is given and the number of people you can choose between:

1.- Round sun bed lounger

Round sun bed. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools


2.- Single square sun bed lounger

Sun beds for pools. By GodoPools


3.- Double square sun bed lounger

Square sun beds for pools. GodoPools

Accessories for pool loungers

One of the things that personally surprises us most about this collection is the infinity of details, customization and accessories that it has. You will not have to look for extra accessories, because the collection brings everything you always wanted. Do not miss these details!


Headrest pillows for sun loungers

Headrest pillows for pool loungers. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools


Sun lounger shades

Pool loungers. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools


Side tables

1.- Round tables

Side table for pool. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools

They can be used as side tables or even as a support for the umbrella.


2.- Ice bin side table

Mesa nevera para piscinas. In-Pool furniture collection.

In addition to being a side table, it serves as an ice bin and can be integrated into the sun bed. They can also hold the umbrella, if desired. If used next to the lounger, they can be submerged to a maximum depth of between 25 and 38 cm. depending on the model.


3.- Square side tables

Mesa cuadrada para tumbonas de piscinas.

You can choose a square table if you do not want to integrate neither the umbrella nor the ice bin. It can be submerged up to 25 cm.



Pool umbrellas. In-Pool Furniture Collection

Square or octagonal, they are at your disposal in a wide range of colors. Being designed for outdoors, they have the rods extremely reinforced against the wind and are very resistant to corrosion and rust.


In conclusion, whether you already have a swimming pool or are building one right now, this line of pool loungers will give a 360 degree turn to your sunny days. Relax, enjoy with the best company and spend more time refreshing yourself in the water and under the sun.

You will experience unique sensations!

Resin pool loungers. In-Pool furniture collection by GodoPools




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  • Pankaj Bakshi says:

    Where can I buy the in pool white sun loungers?

  • Stu says:

    Can you give me a price on the white lounger? And do you ship to sucina, Murcia?

    • GodoPools says:

      Dear Christie,
      We have sent an email to you with the requested information.
      Thanks for contacting us, GodoPools

  • Stefan Joneck says:

    How can I get two Loungers for depths up to 22 cm in black or dark anthracite to a Ibiza and how much would they cost??


    • GodoPools says:

      Dear Stefan,
      I hope you have received our email with all the information about our pool loungers.
      Have a nice day, GodoPools

  • Karen Gingell says:

    Hello. Can you email the prices for the in pool loungers please. Can the loungers be taken in and out of the water? and can you ship to Algorfa Alicante? Thank you.

    • GodoPools says:

      Dear Karen,
      Sure, our pool loungers can be taken both in and out the water. They are designed to resist direct sun and all pool water treatments.
      We do send to whole Spain and even abroad. We are sending to you the catalogue and prices.
      Best regards, GodoPools

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