There is widespread belief that the best way to purify pool water is to use chlorine and other such chemicals. This is so widespread that very few people are aware of state-of-the-art methods for ecological water disinfection such as the use of UV technology and nano-crystals. 


The Pure Pool Technology water disinfection system combines the power of UV rays with the effectiveness of nano-crystals and hydroxyl radicals. This method allows the ecological disinfection of any water element without damaging the environment and without harming the health of the people around the pool.



Piscina con agua cristalina

Water disinfection without chlorine


The disadvantages of chlorine are many, and as more and more studies are carried out, it is becoming increasingly clear that its use should be reduced and replaced by other methods that are more respectful of nature and less harmful to our health, such as nano-UV technology.


Not only does chlorine produce allergic reactions on the skin and promote the appearance of eczema and dermatitis, but it also irritates the eyes, it’s toxic in high concentrations and it’s a very serious problem for people with respiratory problems. In fact, most professional swimmers do not train in chlorinated pools because spending many hours in chlorinated water during their sporting life creates a lot of problems.


tratamiento sin cloro

Nano UV Technology for pools


The Nano UV Technology


Our nano UV technology goes far beyond traditional UV treatments (these only prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses to a limited extent), as it not only limits their expansion but also completely destroys any microorganisms, bacteria and viruses in the water regardless of their resistance to the usual chemicals.


This technology is more effective than other water disinfection systems such as ozone, bromine or oxygen compounds. In addition, the nano UV system has the ability to break down other organic elements such as urea or the oil we use to sunbathe, two substances that foul the water and feed bacteria and microorganisms that cause infections to bathers and cause algae to form.


This, added to the use of hydroxyl radicals that keep the water clean in the long term generating 0% residue and being 100% respectful of nature makes the Pure Pool Technology system the best option there is today.


tecnología piscinas

Pure Pool Technology


Water purification does not require chemicals


Ecological water disinfection is possible without the use of chemicals. Elements such as nano-crystals, which are a natural filter against biological microorganisms and prevent the colonization of bacteria.


Pure Pool Technology is an efficient system that consumes less energy than a traditional light bulb. It is easy to use thanks to its sensors and its management system, it is safe and very effective against all types of viruses, contaminants, bacteria and any harmful pathogens.

Keeping the water crystal clear, clean and enjoying a bath without having to worry about too many unhealthy microorganisms or cleaning chemicals is easier than ever thanks to nano crystals and UV technology. With this system, we can forget about the smell of chlorine vapour, eye irritation,skin problems and breathing difficulties.


All swimming pools need regular maintenance to ensure bacterial disinfection which can have a negative impact on the environment surrounding the pool itself. If there are plants around or animals, one of the disadvantages of chlorine is that the pool water itself can damage the health of both without us noticing.


Put aside the chemicals and see for yourself how effective the new high-tech water purification systems are. Not only will you protect the health of your family and friends, but you will also be able to enjoy the high temperatures knowing that the impact of the human factor and your pollution footprint on the environment is zero.


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