Don’t you know the Széchenyi Spa? Yes, we are aware that it is not an easy name to pronounce and the reason is that this haven of relaxation is located in Budapest. At Godopools we would like to recommend it to you in case you have the opportunity to enjoy its thermal waters one day. An experience that you will not easily forget and that has several benefits for your health that you might be interested to know.

The Széchenyi Spa


The Széchenyi Spa was opened in 1913 and is still considered the largest spa in Europe. The reason? Its dimensions are such that it has 15 pools, although only three of them are large. Also, the spa has an indoor area (where the small pools are located) and an outdoor area. In addition to the pools, there are saunas and places to enjoy a good massage.

The views are spectacular too, especially if you decide to try the outdoor pools. Some people are walking around the area or playing chess, as there are chess tables near the Széchenyi Spa. Can you imagine immersing yourself in warm water while it’s cold outside? Well, this is possible thanks to the thermal waters of which these luxury pools are composed.

The many spas in Hungary

Hungary, whose capital is Budapest, is one of the countries with the most spas. In fact, did you know that it is known as the City of Spas? It’s incredible, but in Hungary there are 118 thermal springs which, obviously, you have to take advantage of. These waters have many benefits for your health.

Surely you already feel like visiting the Széchenyi spa and we won’t be the ones to stop you. We at Godopools encourage you to do so and see for yourself how impressive Europe’s largest spa is. However, we advise you to buy your ticket in advance to avoid queues. That way you will enjoy it more!

Benefits of the thermal waters


Now that you know one of the best spas in the world, why have we insisted so much on the benefits of thermal waters? Because they have many benefits that we are going to explain here. The main one is that it increases the temperature of the body, which allows germs and viruses to be killed and toxins to be eliminated. In other words, they are healing waters.

Another benefit of hot springs is that if you have circulation problems your cramps will improve, for example. Regular visits to the hot springs will make you feel great, although of course Budapest is a bit far away. But at least visiting this spa will allow you to see how good thermal waters are for your health.

Hot springs have benefits not only for your health, but also for your skin. If you suffer from eczema, dermatitis or dryness problems, the thermal water will improve it a lot. Your skin will feel more hydrated, brighter and conditions such as redness will be minimised. In short, these waters are a real discovery that will surprise you.

There is also another essential advantage of thermal waters and that is that they relax you so much that if you suffer from anxiety problems they will disappear as if by magic. We live under a lot of stress and this can lead to panic or anxiety attacks. To feel better, immerse yourself in the thermal waters of this spa. And with a massage or a sauna, you’ll also boost that feeling of relaxation.

At Godopools we cannot offer you thermal waters, but if after getting to know the Széchenyi spa, the largest in the world, you have had the idea of creating a similar space in your home, we advise you to take a look at our spa projects. This way, you will be able to have a place in your home where you can enjoy the hydromassage jets and relieve any tension. Contact us to enjoy luxury relaxation.

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