Hot water pools are an excellent option for you to enjoy a good swim during the coldest times of the year. This way, you can make more use of your pool and not just reserve it for the summer. But how do heated pools really work?

Having an outdoor pool with heated water all year round

Having an outdoor pool with heated water all year round will allow you to make better use of it. Can you imagine swimming laps in the middle of winter without suffering? Well, this is what you can do with this type of pool. Enjoy a good water temperature and the beauty of the pools that we have for you in Godopools.

But this is not only one of the great advantages of warm water pools. You may not know it, but warm water activates the circulation and if you are swimming this benefit will increase. So if you have problems with blood flow, a warm water pool can be a good solution for you.

como poner el agua caliente en una piscina

All in all, having a luxury outdoor heated pool in your own home means you don’t have to go to a swimming pool. You will be able to enjoy swimming peacefully in the one you have in the garden of your home, in addition with a very pleasant temperature.

Types of pool water heating systems

You are probably wondering what types of heating systems you could install in your luxury pool to get this interesting advantage of the water being warm all year round. At Godopools we are committed to sustainability, so here are some options that we are sure you will be interested in.

Solar panels

One of the first types of heating systems is through a solar panel. This uses the sun’s energy to heat water efficiently all year round. The solar panel will usually be on the roof of your house so that it is fully exposed to the sun. This will allow you to save hot water and enjoy it 12 months of the year.

Heat pump

The second type of hot water pool heating system is a heat pump. It should be as close to the pool as possible and the best thing is that you can choose the temperature you want the water to be at. It works by trapping heat from the air and transferring it to the pool. A very sustainable system too.

Solar panel or heat pump?

piscina climatizada al aire libre

Altos Reales project from Godopools

Now comes the big question, which is better for you a solar panel or a heat pump? Well the answer is it depends. A heat pump is a cheaper option, but it is true that the installation requires an electrical and hydraulic connection. Also, make sure you choose the right power of the heat pump (it will depend on the size of your pool).

What happens with the heat pump? If you are not going to use the pool, you can switch it off and not use it to save money. That way it won’t be running. But there is also something you should take into account and that is to connect it in advance to enjoy a hot bath. Why? Because every hour the temperature of the water usually rises by 0.5ºC.

The other option is the solar panel, which is not only a solution for the pool, but for your home in general. In addition, you will always have hot water available, without waiting. It is an alternative from which you will benefit a lot at all levels and that can be great for your luxury pool. So you decide…

At Godopools we offer you an integrated home automation control so that you can easily regulate the water temperature from an application that you install on your mobile device. This way, it will always be ready for you to enjoy your pool in autumn, winter or when the spring temperatures are still not too warm.

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