Having a spa at home has many advantages for those who decide to build one. Not only obvious benefits for health and beauty, but also for the comfort and well-being it brings to your home. The added value and appreciation it can bring to your home is also something to take into account when setting up a spa at home.

Spa in your pool


Swimming pool at the Altos Reales Project by GodoPools with counter-current swimming system and built-in hydromassage jets.

At Godopools we are committed to the design of your pool always based on the needs of the client. 3D pool designs can give the client a vision of what the final project will look like. The design can include elements such as a therapeutic hydromassage, a hydromassage jacuzzi or an outdoor hydromassage in your pool.

Turning part of your pool into an outdoor spa makes bathing a moment of relaxation and well-being. The jacuzzi is an essential element in a luxury pool and can provide multiple benefits. Among them, the improvement of some muscular contractions caused by stress.

Indoor spa at home

The installation and construction of an indoor spa in your home is a question of choosing the elements that will make it up. To do this, a preliminary study can be carried out to determine the space available for its construction as well as the different parts into which it will be divided.

The most recommended elements for the construction of a spa at home are those that provide the place with health and relaxation. Ergonomic seating is essential. There are several modalities but one of the most recommended is the heated seats. Once the spa session at home is over, you will be able to relax feeling the heat on your back.

The hydromassage not only relaxes but also provides benefits such as reducing blood pressure and promoting the flow of oxygen in the blood. That’s why installing hydromassage jets in your heated pool or home spa is always a good idea. Nowadays there are very effective hydromassage jets that enhance the beneficial effects of their use thanks to their multiple settings.


Care that a spa requires

The walls of a spa can suffer the appearance of algae and other microorganisms that can damage its surface due to the accumulation of humidity that exists in these enclosed spaces. It is therefore advisable to clean them with an algaecide and an anti-limescale product that restores their shine and healthiness to the walls of our spa.

As for the spa water, Godopools recommends using the Pure Pool Technology system for its treatment. This system combines UV technology with the cleaning power of nanocrystals and free radicals. The most innovative and efficient system on the market that will keep your spa water clean without the need to change it from time to time. This saves water and energy and adds even more value to your home spa project.

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