Indoor pools at home are one of the best options we can take if we want to enjoy the pool during the months when temperatures make this outdoor activity incompatible. An indoor swimming pool in winter allows us to swim and enjoy the pool normally regardless of the outside temperature or weather conditions.


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Heated swimming pools at home increase the value of the home and are desired by all people who love water and water sports. And we are not only talking about swimming itself, but also about the increasing trend in sports centres where disciplines such as yoga are combined within the water environment. A heated swimming pool will allow us to continue our exercise routine any day of the year.

Heated swimming pool at home. Advantages over an outdoor one

Having an indoor swimming pool in winter is a marvel about which only very positive things can be said. The maintenance of a heated pool is not complex and, as they are isolated from the outside, they are usually kept clean much more easily than if we have the pool surrounded by vegetation and a stone’s throw away from all the insects in the area.

Another advantage of an indoor heated pool over an outdoor pool is the privacy it provides. The cover can be built with a large amount of materials, we can create a project with a pool with a wooden cover or we can opt for the integration of the pool inside the house itself.

In addition, indoor pools use much less energy than an outdoor heated pool where the heat from the water constantly escapes even if we use a tarpaulin to cover it at night.


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What elements differentiate a heated pool from one that is not?

The key feature that differentiates a heated pool from a normal one is that it is a pool with a built-in heating system. Heated pools maintain a constant water temperature suitable for swimming even if it is cold outside, raining or even the whole garden is covered in snow.

There is also the possibility of enjoying an outdoor heated pool, the only difference being that the system that heats the water will have to make a greater effort to keep the water at a good temperature for the human body. This type of pool is usually very pleasant as it allows us to enjoy hot water in a space where it is very cold naturally.

So that the outdoor swimming pool can be used in any weather condition, the space can be transformed by creating a swimming pool with a wooden cover that protects us from rain or wind.

Maintenance of heated pools

Maintaining an indoor pool at home is simple. We will have to continue analysing the pH of the water, eliminate bacteria, algae, fungi and other pathogens that grow in damp spaces, with the added task of controlling the water temperature and that the heating system works correctly.

We have to take into account that in the space where the heated pool is located the temperature is usually quite lower than what the human body accepts, which means that we will have to keep the water at a higher temperature to compensate for the cold outside, especially if it is an outdoor heated pool.

If the indoor pool is indoors the temperature can be a little cooler, as it is in an enclosed space at a higher temperature than outside. The maintenance of both types of pool is the same, with the difference that the outdoor pool will get dirtier from leaves, dust and insects falling into it, as well as certain types of rain that wash away sand and dirt. While for indoor pools we will have to be careful that the humidity does not create fungus problems or affect the structure of the building, the paint or the furniture.

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