When we think about the design of swimming pools, we also think about those people who are older or who have to use crutches and wheelchairs. For this reason, at Godopools we create accessible swimming pools so there are no limits or inconveniences to enjoy a good dip when the heat is at its most intense.

We are aware that there are not many opportunities to get an accessible pool that also has a good design. A pool in which all the elements that make it accessible are integrated with the pool perfectly. That’s why we want to eliminate this kind of walls that you may encounter.

Accessible pools for your home

pavimento antideslizante

Perhaps many professionals who design swimming pools do not offer you the possibility of creating accessible pools for your home. But, in Godopools we know that this is necessary for many people and, for that reason, we offer you the best swimming pools with modern and authentic designs independently of the type of swimming pool you choose.

Overflowing, natural, ecological swimming pools… All of them can be transformed into accessible swimming pools for your home that allows the elderly or people with some type of disability to enjoy, without problems, a refreshing bath. Because if there is something we can achieve, it is that these special pools are also luxury.

How to make your pool accessible?

In order to make your pool an accessible place, some key elements will be incorporated that will allow people who need it to enjoy the pool without any inconvenience. One of the essential elements are the ramps, also the seats and the railings, without forgetting the swimming pool wheelchairs.

Also, when designing accessible pools we make sure that the edges are rounded and well lit. Of course, the entire floor will be non-slip, both inside and outside the pool. We know that for the elderly or for those who use crutches, a floor without these characteristics is dangerous.

Designing pools to make them accessible to everyone

piscina accesible

Accessible pools are not only intended to protect and reduce the limitations that some people may have. All the features that they have can be very useful for everyone. For example, children will benefit from handrails to hold on to when they are tired of swimming in these luxury pools.

In many cases, not only are ramps necessary in these accessible pools, but sometimes stairs are installed which also improve accessibility. This can be very useful for everyone, because if there are no stairs to enter the pool it can be a bit complicated. One can even slip trying to do so.

Ramps and stairs for accessible pools

At Godopools we install ramps and stairs for accessible pools and adjust them to the design so that they are as integrated as possible. We make the design to your measure taking into account all the elements that you want them to contain. On our website you can see some results of the pools we have worked with so you can get an idea of how it may look. There are many options!

Just because a pool is accessible doesn’t mean it can’t be aesthetically pleasing. What’s more, stairs for the disabled, ramps to improve accessibility, anti-slip flooring and even wheelchairs for swimming pools will be very well integrated with the whole design. This way, you will have an accessible and functional swimming pool.

What are you waiting for to finally have your pool accessible? At Godopools we will create your design first so you can see how it will look. This way, if you need to make any adjustment or change, we will do it previously so that there are no surprises. You will love the result.

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