You have already decided, a custom-made pool is the best for you. This way, you will make the most of the space you have in a more efficient way. But, it is very possible that you don’t know that you need a minimum space to make a made-to-measure pool. Well, although this type of luxury pools are ideal for small places, you may need a minimum of square metres. So here, at Godopools, we are going to tell you about it.

Building a custom pool

Building a custom-made swimming pool is an excellent idea so that you can choose every detail and make the most of every square metre of your home. Well, imagine that the space you have in your garden does not allow for a square or round pool, as it has an irregular shape. At Godopools, when designing your custom-made luxury pool, we can offer you a pool that adapts to your home. That is to say, your house will not have to adapt to the pool, but the other way round. Take a look at our Serbales Project, a clear example of this.


Minimalist pool of the Serbales Project by GodoPools.

But, you need to know what minimum space you need and there is no minimum space! This is one of the great advantages of a made-to-measure pool and it is that, as it adapts to your home, you will not need a certain amount of space. However, it may be that in your case the luxury pool that we can design for the space you have may not have large dimensions. But small can be enough, don’t you think?

In what space can you build a swimming pool?


Swimming pool with waterfall from the Marbella Club Project by GodoPools.

Now that you know that there is no minimum space for your custom-made swimming pool, where can you build it? At Godopools we can make your custom design for your terrace pool. In fact, as you could see in the project we mentioned before, we can raise it if necessary. It all depends on the aesthetics you want your luxury pool to have. In our projects you can find several ideas.

We can also build your custom-made swimming pool embedded against a wall. If you wish, the walls can be made of glass so that when you open the window of a certain space in your house you can see the pool in all its splendour. It is a very modern design that looks great. But, we can also build your pool against a wall or another part of your house.

The garden is an ideal place to build a custom-made pool. We can add a waterfall, if you want, and it can even be a heated pool. This way, you will be able to enjoy it during the winter, but also in summer you will be able to regulate its temperature. If you don’t like to immerse yourself in freezing water, you can regulate the temperature with Pool Tech Conection.

Small or large pools? It all depends on the location


Swimming pool set in a large garden area. Cortesín Project by GodoPools.

You may well be wondering whether a custom-made pool should be small or large. Well, it depends on the location. If you only have a small garden, the pool will be the same size. What happens? Because it is made to measure and you can place a waterfall or other element in it, it will seem bigger.

Also, our overflow, above-ground or beach-shaped pools can be designed to fit into the space you have against a wall, on your terrace, etc. Bear in mind that, although a made-to-measure pool is ideal for small spaces, it is also feasible for large spaces. The aim is to build a pool that adapts to your home, that blends in with its surroundings and that looks great. Take a look at our Cortesín Project, it is a sample of what we are talking about.

At Godopools we design your swimming pool to make the luxury pool you have always had in mind a reality. We want your home to be a place of calm, relaxation and enjoyment. So complementing it with a swimming pool is the best thing to do.

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