Surely many times you have seen a mirror pool, that is, a pool in which the sky and the surrounding vegetation are reflected as if it were a mirror. This type of pool is very striking, since, far from seeing only the color of the pool lining, be it stone, mosaic or porcelain stoneware, mirror pools reflect what is around and in the sky, producing a great effect. amplitude and transmitting a lot of peace.

However, if you like swimming pools and you look at their designs, you may have observed that it is not easy to find this type of pool. That is because getting a pool with a mirror effect requires being very scrupulous with the design, the building system and some specific details. Do you want to know how we achieve in GodoPools the mirror effect in swimming pools? Take note!

6 keys to achieve the Mirror Effect in your pool


Overflow pool

In order to achieve a perfect surface tension of water around its perimeter, it is essential that the pool has a perimeter overflow.

In this case, we have two possible options:

1.- Build the pool at the same level as the outdoor terrace.

2.- Raise the infinity pool above the terrace level.

Mirror Pool from Gardenia Project by GodoPools

Mirror Pool from Gardenia Project by GodoPools

Either of the two options will allow you to achieve a mirror-effect sheet of water, but from our point of view the elevated overflow pool will always be much more stunning, since it will stand out much from the rest of the outdoor areas and the perimeter overflow pool will become the great protagonist, catching all eyes.

Swimming pool overflow channel

Another requirement to achieve a mirror effect sheet of water is that the perimeter overflow channel is hidden. In this way, we do not recommend using overflow pool grates made of materials such as plastic or marble, among others, since the only thing that would be achieved is to break the mirror effect, that is clean and without frames. In other words, it would be like putting a frame on a mirror. We would take away its spaciousness and cleanliness.

This type of hidden grates allow the connection between the outdoor terrace and the water surface to be as clean as possible, achieving the objective of a perfect mirror pool.

Efecto espejo en la piscina. GodoPools

Swimming pool with hidden overflow channel by GodoPools

Pool coping

A very important aspect to take into account is the type of coping used in the pool. If you want to achieve that effect of a sheet of water like a mirror, all the material used to cover the pool inside (wet area) must be the same as each other. At the same time, it is advisable that the coping of outdoor terrace areas (dry area) is different from that used in the pool vessel (wet area).

Coping color

Did you know that the darker the pool coping, the more the mirror effect will be accentuated? You should know that, if you opt for lighter tones, this visual effect will be lost a bit.

Pool water circulation

The great secret to ensure that the surface tension of the water is perfect and does not break at any time is based on having a homogeneous water circulation at a controlled speed and as far as possible from the surface of the water.

Do you want to know how we make it like this?

First of all, you should know that the impulsion nozzles, which are responsible for returning the water to the pool, once it has been purified, are the “culprits” that normally break this surface tension. Moreover, swimming pool companies do not usually study in depth the exact place where they should be located.

In general, these impulsion nozzles are usually placed at the top of the walls, about 25 cm. deep. However, this position entails a series of problems:

  • Creates a surface swell that breaks the surface tension of the water and the mirror effect
  • It generates a water circulation only at the surface level, leaving the water stagnant in the deepest areas

Other position that is often given to the nozzles in infinity pools is the pool floor. However, we do not recommend it either since, although the water will circulate better and the effect of dead zones will not occur as much, it does happen that its aesthetic and functional result is not ideal. Do you know why? Because when walking through the pool we will collide with some of these nozzles with our feet, resulting very annoying.

On the other hand, when the impulsion nozzles are placed at the bottom of the pool, the bottom will be greatly affected from an aesthetic point of view, since when swimming we will see the entire bottom full of plastic or stainless steel accessories. And that it not beautiful at all!

Piscina Espejo del Proyecto Cortesín de GodoPools

Mirror effect pool from Cortesin Project by GodoPools


And what is the perfect place to put this impulsion nozzles? – you might be wondering. Well, a large part of the secret to achieve the surface tension of the water and a beautiful mirror effect in your pool focuses on placing the nozzles in the lower part of the pool walls, about 25 cm. from ground.

At GodoPools we do a preliminary study to achieve an homogeneous distribution of the nozzles around the perimeter of the pool. In this way we achieve that:

  • The circulation of the water does not break that surface tension on the surface of the pool.
  • The water circulates correctly avoiding “dead” water areas.
  • The aesthetics of the pool are very clean, since the nozzles are almost imperceptible.

Pool cleaning

Another key factor to be able to achieve the desired mirror pool is that the pool cleaning equipment is of high efficiency and low filtration speed (always less than 20m³ / m² / h) like our PoolTechConnection equipment, which regulates the flow rate of the pool water depending on the needs of the pool at all times.

With this equipment, the water circulates at a lower speed, thus achieving a more perfect surface tension of the water, a higher quality in the water and a lower electricity consumption, since the pump works at 50% of its performance.


As you may have seen, the trick to increase the surface tension of the water and achieve a fantastic mirror pool, which captures all eyes, focuses on several factors, but mainly you must take care of the construction details of the overflow pool: the type of overflow channel, the pool coping, the location of the impulsion nozzles and a suitable pool cleaning equipment. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to achieve this effect, which, by the way, many swimming pool construction companies are unaware.

Do you want to be inspired by some photos of overflowing mirror effect pools designed and built by GodoPools?

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