Design and construction of overflowing pools

At GodoPools we are experts in the design and construction of overflowing swimming pools with spectacular aesthetic results. We offer a completely personalized service to the needs of each client and with maximum respect for the natural environment.

Construction and design of Overflowing Pools

We address comprehensive projects for the construction of overflowing pools, both for individuals and wellness spa areas. We take advantage of the highest quality materials, chosen for a perfect fusion between the natural environment and the aesthetics of the facilities.

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Why choose an overflowing pool?

Overflowing pools achieve an incomparable effect, which encourages you to enjoy the water at all times. Our specialization in the construction of luxury pools allows us to have the experience and appropriate resources to create elegant overflowing pool projects, adapted to your preferences and with results that will exceed your expectations.

These pools have an almost hypnotic lake effect, with water overflowing the perimeter of the pool, thanks to a filtering channel that guarantees constant flow and finishes that blend aesthetically with the rest of the environment.

In some projects that we have developed, we combine the exoticism of an overflowing pool with the spectacularity of an Infinity finish, especially when around it we have privileged views, which with the construction of your overflowing pool can be admired from the water, always crystal clear, transparent and perfect.

The characteristics of overflowing swimming pools and our Pure Pool Technology purification system allow you to enjoy an irresistibly attractive sheet of water in perfect condition.

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We are specialists in the construction and design of unique and exclusive luxury overflowing pools.

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