Have you already decided to build a luxury swimming pool in your home? At Godopools we are happy for you, as you have taken a very important step. You will benefit from having a pool for you and your loved ones, which you can enjoy every day of the year. What’s more, with our water treatment it will always be perfect for you to dive in. But… do you need a permit to build a swimming pool?

The answer to this question is “yes”. Even if the pool is in the garden of your house, as it is going to be a construction work, you will have to ask for a permit to build a pool. At Godopools we want to tell you about this application, who should apply for it and some steps to build your pool that you need to know.

Applying for permits to build a swimming pool



What kind of permits to build a swimming pool should you apply for? Well, we are going to give you some keys so that you can take the right steps, because the first thing you have to do is to ask for a technical project. To do this you need to ask for the help of an architect. Once you have the project, the next step is to send it to your local council.

However, we recommend that while you are drawing up the technical project you ask your local council for the conditions that your swimming pool should meet. This will depend on the square metres of your garden and also on where it is located, as well as the requirements imposed by each town hall.

However, once you have been approved for permission to build your pool you will need to apply for a licence to occupy the public highway and a waste management licence. This is because the rubble will need to be placed somewhere before you can install your pool. After that, you’re done. These are all the permits you need.

Who must apply for the permit?

You must apply for permission to build a swimming pool whenever you want to build a swimming pool in your home. It does not matter if the size of the construction is going to be small or large. Nor does it matter if the pool will not take up too much space. You should always ask for the permits mentioned above, otherwise you will be fined.

If you entrust the design and construction of your pool to GodoPools, you can forget about paperwork, permits and licences, because at GodoPools we not only take care of the technical project management, but we also take care of the permits and licences required to build the pool of your dreams.


If you want to build a communal pool so that you can use it together with your neighbours, the procedure is the same, as well as needing the permission of the president of your community. You must be clear that if you want to build a swimming pool you will have to ask for a permit to build a swimming pool. In this case, GodoPools will also take care of all the necessary permits so that they are in order when you build your community pool.

Steps to build a swimming pool

You already have your licence to build a swimming pool and the time has come to get down to work. To do this, you should ask for quotes to see which pool suits you best. If you are looking for a luxury pool, Godopools can give you a personalised estimate depending on what you want (infinity pool, ecological, etc.).

As soon as you accept the quote we will start with the design of your pool by analysing the area of your house where you want to install it. After this, we will start the excavation and put up the walls, install the pipes and the electrical system, lay the floor and the lining of the walls, and proceed to fill the pool.

As you can see at Godopools we offer you an integral service in which we take care of the design of your pool, its construction and lining. With everything, we also offer you an ideal water treatment to have your pool ready all year round and the domotic control that will help you to make its maintenance very comfortable.

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