Recently, a new trend in swimming pool design has arrived in Europe. It did not exist in the European continent, but has been circulating for some time in the United States and South America: the platforms for pools.

These are pools that include an elevated area, with functions other than swimming.

Do you know them?

The concept

There are many people who have a pool, but never really use it for swimming, but rather as a social and leisure area. It is precisely for these types of people that this trend was devised in the US.

Any pool can incorporate this kind of platform inside, regardless of size and style.

Platforms for pools. The trend

Los Monteros Project by GodoPools

The main objective of the platforms for pools is to have a meeting space between friends or family, in which it is not hot and in which different leisure activities can be carried out:

  • Have fun under the sun and in contact with the water, for example chatting with friends.
  • Enjoy a play area for children, inside the pool but with very little depth.
  • Have a party area, making pool loungers and sun beds the center of fun.

The trend in the US – Platforms for pools

Since it was there where it originated, there are currently a multitude of terms to define this type of platform for swimming pools:

Tanning ledge

This concept refers to the elevated area of ​​the pool where we place pool loungers and spend time sunbathing.

The word ledge defines in English a raised projecting area or shelf.

On the other hand, tanning brings you the sense of sunbathing or sun-tanned.

Tanning shelf

Very similar to the previous one, this other way of defining it also focuses on tanning, when in reality this area is not only for lovers of sunbathing, but it is also a safe and fun area for children and pets, as well as a perfect area to celebrate parties and meetings.

Sun shelf

Also with the term shelf (which means rack, reef, bank, etc.), we find this other denomination that focuses, more than on tanning, on the fact that it is an area where you can enjoy under the sun.

At GodoPools, we believe that this expression is not entirely complete either, because it must be remembered that umbrellas and sunshades are also usually placed on this platform. In this way, its use is not limited to sun and tan lovers since we could enjoy this area by staying in the shade and enjoying a talk, the views or a good reading.

Platforms for pools. Pool Loungers on the platform.

GodoPools pool loungers in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

Baja shelf

You may also find this name to define the platforms for pools. In this case it is a term that refers to the wonderful beaches that you can find in Baja California (Mexico). In this vein, sometimes it is called Acapulco Shelf, making us remember a vacation at a resort.

As you can see, it is a very American word that defines the area on the shore of the beach where we soak our feet, cool off and where we are not “forced” to take a dip.

The concept is clearer in this case for an American. However, we believe that for a European swimmer the union of these two words does not really mean anything.

Sun bed

Another option we found is that of “sun bed”. The most accurate translation in Spanish is that of solarium, although it can also refer to the sun beds that we find in the best beach clubs.

In addition to this, the term returns to focus on the sun, when the platforms for pools really have many more functions than those of sunbathing, as we mentioned above.

Platforms for pools in Europe

When a trend starts in one country and then spreads to other territories, it sometimes happens that the term is not translated, but remains in its original language.

However, this wouldn’t make much sense. Or, can you imagine telling an English speaking friend that “an asoladero has been built in your pool”? – We believe that it would not mean anything at all for the other person.

Consequently, we have made a search to find out how this new trend has been called in Spain. And this is what we have found:

Solarium húmedo

This expression means “wet solarium”. It is clear that it defines perfectly that it is an area where there is sun and that it is cool, in equal parts. However, we believe that the word solarium focuses too much on sunbathing, when leisure and fun are an important component.


Rosa Gres, manufacturer of porcelain stoneware coatings for swimming pools, coined this term some time ago. However, we see that its use has not lasted over time.

Perhaps it is because it is not a very descriptive term or that it may evoke heat stroke or excess sun. (* Asoladero comes from the word sol, than means sun)


Swimming pool with beach entry by GodoPools

Hydrazzo Marbella Project by GodoPools

Playa means beach in Spanish. In swimming pools, a beach is a gradual entry, where the degree of slope increases as we move towards the interior of the pool.

From GodoPools, it does not seem to us the most accurate term, since the pool platform does not suppose a gradual entry into the water and could be confused with a pool with a beach effect, which has nothing to do with it.

Plataforma de bronceado

The same thing that we discussed earlier with “tanning ledge” happens with plataforma de bronceado. Although it is true that this area is elevated and could be called a plataforma (platform), we do not see the need to add bronceado (tan), as it would limit the functionality of this area.

Plataforma de solarium

The same thing that we discussed with the previous term happens with plataforma de solarium. We would be limiting the use of the area to a solarium, when it can be a perfect area for children and pets to play.

Solarium elevado

This other option combines the concepts of sunbathing and a high area. In fact, in Spanish means “elevated solarium”. However, this expression could lead to confusion, since a terrace that has a solarium could also be called a solarium elevado and we would not be talking about the same thing, since the platform for the pool would be placed inside the pool.


How would we call it in GodoPools?


Platforms for pools. Cortesin Project by GodoPools

Cortesin Project by GodoPools

At GodoPools we would choose to simply call it a “leisure platform“. Why? Because we would not focus on the use that is given to it (tanning, play, fun) but rather it is an elevated area designed for leisure, free time and recreation, whether with friends, pets, family or children. All options would fit with the term “leisure platform”.´s

We could then say that “this pool has a leisure platform inside” or that “children are playing on the leisure platform”.

How would you call it?

Either you are a user of swimming pools, a builder or designer, we would very much like to know how you would call this type of platform that is built inside the pool.

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