As in all decoration projects, the search for a unique design pushes us to explore different options, to look for modern pool colours and to combine different materials. The colour of the pool is one of the central elements on which the design is built and to which we have to pay special attention depending on the effect we want to achieve.

If up until a few years ago the main focus was on tiled pools, today we have a large number of materials with different finishes that have multiplied the options available. The same lining is available in dozens of colours and with a pearl, crystal, rock and more effect.

The colour of the bottom of the pool gives a very special touch, but if we combine it with the colour of the side covering, the upper floor that surrounds it, the vegetation and the pool furniture, we will manage to raise the level of the project.



Inifinity pool with beds islands in the middle


The elegance in the colour of your pool

The color of the pool can be customized thanks to the type of material used to cover its walls. Carrara marble will give us very clear pool water with a white shade typical of this type of material, while a serene grey stone will give us more greenish water and the porcelain mix will give us bluish water with a very original background of different shades.


piscina en mármol

White marble Carrara pool at Los Monteros Projects of Godopools


The sicis glass has 84 shades of warm colours to transform the colour of your pool, the sicis mosaic also offers 84 shades, although in this case it is cold, while the bisazza glass has 30 shades available to achieve the design of an elegant and dreamy pool.

More and more options are available and access to exclusive and exotic materials is available to make your pool white, black or even simulate a pool with a beach like access.

Ideas for decorating a pool

If we talk about pool decoration, and customize a design, the catalog of pool furniture is equal or even more extensive than the colors. The colour of the pool bottom is a very striking element, but the truth is that the choice of pool furniture can radically transform the atmosphere.

A wonderful idea to achieve an elegant pool with a very unusual design is to have different heights inside the pool, with a specific area to include chaise lounges, armchairs or even a sunbed with a sunshade and table.


piscina a distintos niveles

Sunbeds inside a swimming pool belong to In Pool Furniture Collection of Godopools


The pool furniture is customizable and is designed to increase the comfort of the swimming area and to expand the options offered by this space. Including elements for sunbathing, reading or simply including an ice bin for drinks with friends will make the pool the best place in your home.

Swimming pool plants

One point that makes the difference when designing a swimming space is the vegetation surrounding the pool. The choice of certain trees or plants for the pool enhance the beauty of the water and captivate our senses thanks to the mixture of colours and the smell of the water.


piscina con cascada

Swimming pool surrounded by tropical vegetation and grass at Marbella Club project


The smell of the grass and its colour combine very well with the nature of the water, the tropical plants allow us to turn a sober space into an area rich in contrasts and, in short, a pool with an elegant design that most people dream of.

Fashionable colours in the pool

The color of the pool also represents the values of the house in which it is located. The fashionable colours in swimming pools are very marked tones that move away from the traditional blue, a light or very dark pool colour is sought, contrasts that provide an elegant and modern finish.

The key to having a modern and classy pool design is to combine the colours of the water, the liner, the floor, the pool furniture and the surrounding plants. If we achieve harmony between all these elements, our pool will acquire a natural elegance almost effortlessly.


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