Children are always very attracted to swimming pools. They can enjoy themselves with their friends there for hours, have a great time and, for a moment, forget about their homework or everything else they have to do. But, not all pools are the same and this is why through all the types we offer, we have a safer pool ideal for the little ones.

Building a safe luxury pool for your home is very important so you don’t have to worry about anything including your children safety. You will be able to enjoy a refreshing drink while relaxing knowing that the kids are protected while having fun in the pool.

What kind of pool is safer for children?

safe swimm for kids

The safest swimming pool for children is the one called overflow pool. It is called like this because the water is at the same level as the upper part of the terrace. This will allow you to see the children in the water without any problems. It doesn’t matter what angle you are looking from. With an overflowing pool there are no blind spots.
This is because there are no edges in this type of pool, which is great. If there are children in your house, don’t hesitate. Build a safe pool that helps you to see, at first sight, where the little ones are  to check that everything is going alright.

The safety of an overflowing pool

The safety of an overflowing pool is not only based on the good visibility you can have of the children who are inside it. Also, this is achieved thanks to the fact that the water is at the same level as the top of the pool, which means that if the children want to get out for any reason, they can do so without problems. So getting out of the water is much more comfortable and safer than in any other luxury pool.
Another of the safety keys  of this child-friendly pool is its depth, which is just right to prevent accidents or possible drowning. In addition, the presence of stairs or the edges of the pool allow a safe grip for the kids, in case they are tired, can recover their tiredness for a moment.

the best pool for kids
We do not forget about cleaning. Keeping the water clean without using chlorine is important to protect their delicate skin and prevent them from swallowing water treated with this type of chemical. Thanks to the ecological treatment of the water in overflowing pools, this will be one less concern.

Custom design of an overflowing pool

An overflowing pool can be customed and designed to have everything you need. In addition to the safety measures it offers you, a luxury pool of these features is not related with a design that gives you the elegance you are looking for. That’s why we have several projects that will fit with what you want.
From a lake-shaped pool with edges that children can easily grab onto, to others with stairs that allow you to get in and out of the pool without any problems. In all our overflowing pools, lighting is essential. This will increase the visibility of the children bathing in them.
Safety for children, hygiene and luxury designs are the characteristics of our overflowing pools. Tell us what you have in mind and we will make it happen. Enjoy the best safe pool if you have children or if yo don’t it is also an important self care action. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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