Water treatment in swimming pools is one of the most difficult tasks in the maintenance of this type of installations. The most common way of treating pool water is with chlorine, a substance that has harmful effects on health in high concentrations and that it has less and less support thanks to the spread of techniques such as UV technology.

Chlorine-free pools that use new methods to maintain the water are becoming more and more popular. Not only does chlorine cause allergies, skin reactions, eye irritation and respiratory problems (potentially dangerous for people with asthma, bronchitis or COPD), but it is also very harmful to the environment. 

tratamiento sin cloro


For this reason, chlorine-free swimming pool water treatment is one of the most popular solutions either for health reasons or because the customer who commissions the project for their swimming pool wants to protect the environment and the surrounding natural environment efficiently and without generating any waste.


Remove chlorine from your pool with the most innovative treatment


At Godopools we use 3 chlorine-free pool water treatments that we mix to achieve the best water purification. This system, “Pure Pool Technology”, manages to treat the water through UV technology, free radicals and by using nanocrystals.

UV technology is responsible for destroying bacteria, viruses and microorganisms that are traditionally very resistant to water treatment in pools with chemicals. In fact, the disinfection percentage of UV technology is 95%, well above the 70% reached by chlorine.

tratamiento UV para piscinas


On the other hand, the use of free radicals allows the oxidation process of the pool water to take place, which destroys all organic substances and with the advantage that it does not leave an intense smell like chlorine.


Treat the water ecologically and without waste


Chlorine-free pools can be maintained in an environmentally friendly way without generating chemical waste thanks to the use of techniques such as nano-crystal purification,  a bio-resistant material that has catalytic and filtering properties thanks to the activation with negative charge.

Another advantage of treating water in swimming pools using nanocrystals is that, in addition to destroying viruses and all pathogens, we use an energy-efficient method which consumes as little electricity as an ordinary light bulb.

With Pure Pool Technology you will be able to purify your pool water efficiently, respecting the environment by reducing  waste and  saving energy. It’s a system that not only protects the health of the people you care about most, but also  maintains your pool water in a responsible way without contributing to the pollution produced by treatments of substances such as chlorine.

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