Don’t know what to do to get rid of the seaweeds in the pool anymore? This is a common problem that causes the ground to become slippery and the water to become slimy. The feeling is not at all pleasant and even if you clean your pool, they will reappear again and again. With Pure Pool Technology this will be solved.

It is a system that allows you to treat your pool water ecologically so that seaweeds will never form again. If you have been wanting to treat your pool in a more environmentally friendly way for some time, here is the solution with Pure Pool Technology.

Eco-friendly pool water treatment

Pure pool technology

Pure Pool Technology treats your luxury pool water in a completely innovative and environmentally friendly way. I’m sure you’ve chosen to use chlorine or other products to get rid of seaweeds in your pool. However, with this system you will no longer have to resort to these environmentally unfriendly chemicals.

This is possible because it uses nano-crystals, a green and brown bio-resistant glass material that decomposes seaweeds very effectively. It also prevents bacteria from growing in your pool so you can enjoy clean, disinfected water. You will never have to worry about cleaning your pool again.

Algae in your pool? Prevent them from appearing with Pure Pool Technology

With Pure Pool Technology seaweeds will never again appear in your pool, which is why this system has been considered the most effective on the market. Its power to disinfect and eliminate seaweeds lies in its UV technology, which destroys the oil and sun cream components that may remain in the water and encourages seaweeds growth.

pure pool technology filter

UV treatment Pure Pool Technology

This disinfection power is added to the nanocrystals and hydroxyl radicals that manage to always keep the water clean. Seaweeds will never again appear in your luxury pool and the water will never acquire that viscous texture as a result of the presence of seaweeds. You will enjoy clean water forever.

Caring for your pool water without chemicals

If you are looking for a natural ecological pool, with Pure Pool Technology you will have it. Finally, you can keep your pool clean and disinfected without using chemicals that can damage your skin and those of your loved ones. With this system, you no longer need to use zero ecological products to remove green seaweeds from your pool.

At Godopools we will install Pure Pool Technology so that seaweeds in your pool will never be a problem for you again. In addition, we have a home automation control system that will help you control the water parameters and whether Pure Pool Technology is working as it should. Contact us if you want to treat your pool water in a more ecological and efficient way. Algae will no longer be a problem.

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