Having a solarium at home in our swimming space is one of the best ways to improve the experience of having a luxury pool. Not only does it allow us to enjoy the benefits of sunbathing and absorbing the vitamin D our body needs, but it also opens up a world of extra possibilities for our pool.

Solarium pools are used much more than a conventional pool and are perfect for families. While the little ones play on a children’s slide, parents can relax sunbathing and keep an eye on the water.

hammocks at the pool

What are the advantages of having a solarium in your pool?

The main advantage of having a solarium in your home pool is to have a tanning area available at any time and without time restrictions. The solarium often becomes a social space where you can have drinks with friends and family while catching up or telling stories about a trip.

All opinions of a home solarium reflect increased use of the pool and greater satisfaction with the overall design of the pool. When creating a dream pool project, not only it is important to take care of the visual aspect of the pool or choose aesthetically pleasing materials, but elements such as adding a solarium to the pool in order to sunbathe at home multiply the value of our investment.

Swimming pool solarium trends

The latest trend in pool solariums teaches us that personalisation is the key. It is no longer enough to design a luxury pool and a beautiful solarium at home, now we take care of basic details such as the choice of hammocks, the shape of the spa seats, put ergonomic pillows, side tables or the maximum customization of the space.

sunbathing at the pool

The aim is for the solarium to be integrated with the rest of the architecture of the house, so that it does not stand out artificially and is noticed as an extra addition. In Godopools we look for the natural elegance of things in each project and we turn the latest trends in luxury swimming pools into timeless projects that you will fall in love with even after decades.

Pool furniture that you will love to have in your solarium

Swimming pool furniture is becoming increasingly important as the space available increases. A spa, a tropical garden or a solarium are places that extend the pool area and require a series of pieces of furniture both to decorate and to make them spaces for daily use.

In a solarium we look for pieces of furniture that not only increase comfort but are also compatible with high temperatures, sun and humidity. We are talking about sunbeds, seats for swimming pools, special deckchairs for swimming pools, parasols, side tables, sunbed visors or even ergonomic chairs.

stone hammocks

Hammocks and deckchairs for your swimming pool

Hammocks and pool loungers have become, by their own weight, two of the most valued elements when buying pool furniture. The comfort they offer over traditional chairs, their resistance to water, humidity and sun, as well as the use of materials that resist climatic differences, make them an investment to which more and more resources and time are allocated.

When buying a sunbed for a solarium we have to pay attention to several things: If the solarium is exterior or has a cover (with the possibility of protecting the furniture if the weather is bad), the colour so that it does not break the harmony of the bathroom space and also aspects such as the hardness and shape of the mattresses and pillows.

Swimming pool slides for young and old

Another of the elements that most enriches a bathroom space is the installation of a slide for children. With it, the fun is multiplied and we get the little ones to have a great time. Moreover, as they are built with specific approved materials, they are safe play elements.

Do you dare to add a slide and turn your swimming space into the swimming pool your children have always dreamed of?

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