Using a pool cover is not always an option. At Godopools we always recommend not using a pool cover, as with the Pure Pool Technology system you can keep your pool clean all year round without any problems. In other cases, we advise reducing the use of the filter in winter, for example, when the pool is less used.

However, it is true that there are certain circumstances in which it may be advisable to use a pool cover. However, each individual case must be studied. Only then you will know if your luxury pool really needs a cover or if other options can be considered. Do you want to know more about this?

Is it good to cover the pool in winter?

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Covering the pool in winter is only advisable in cases where the pool is located in an area where it is impossible to keep it clean. For example, if it is located near a grove of trees, because it will naturally fill up with leaves. This will be unavoidable and covering it with a tarpaulin it will be an option to avoid this.

Also, at Godopools we always recommend to covered completely the pool, to seal it. If this is not done, leaves, dust or any other element that helps the appearance of bacteria can enter the pool. This is not in our interest. That is why it is the best to seal the pool with a tarpaulin as well as possible.

What should the pool cover be like?

The tarpaulin used to cover the pool in winter should be waterproof. In this way, moisture will not reach the pool water, which can be kept clean and free of bacteria until you can use it again. It is also very important that it is the right length. However, it must not be loose or rub against the pool water. This is not at all convenient. The cover should be the right size without being too long or too short.

To fix it, at Godopools we recommend that the pool cover has tensioners attached to the worktop so that the pool is sealed. Remember that this is very important to prevent any outside elements from entering the pool. In the wind, leaves or dust can blow in and make the pool dirty and full of microbes. If it is well sealed, this will not happen, and your pool will always be impeccable.

Maybe you are thinking about a thermal pool cover, you may need to opt for a blanket suitable for these cases or for an automatic cover that allows you to seal your pool. If you want to continue using it in winter, it may be better to use an enclosure so that you can use your heated pool during the coldest periods of the year.

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Cases in which you should not cover your pool

The cases in which the pool should not be covered are all except for a heated pool or one that is located in an area where it is susceptible to stains or leaves. If the pool is away from trees or anything else, then you don’t need to cover it.

What can you do to keep your luxury pool in top condition? At Godopools we advise you to reduce the use of the filter system and do not hesitate to install Pure Pool Tecnhology. This way, your pool will be clean, purified and disinfected even if it is outdoors and without any kind of cover.

It is clear that each case is different, that’s why at Godopools we will study yours in detail to determine if your luxury pool really needs a cover or not. If the answer is no, as there are ways to keep the pool in optimal conditions without needing a cover. However, it is true that in some cases it may be unavoidable to make use of this accessory so that your pool is always ready for use.

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