By choosing your pool liner you are not only selecting a building material to customize your personal project, but you are making a style statement that affects the whole space.

A building pool with a natural stone liner, mosaic, porcelain tile or a continuous liner has a very different visual effect. It doesn’t matter if it’s a concrete pool or if we want to modernize another type of pool, the important thing is to achieve a perfect, elegant finish that reflects the client’s taste.

The construction of an on-site pool always pays special attention to the lining because with it we not only manage to differentiate one project from another and make it as personal as possible, but also to transform a space and create a much deeper visual impact than we could ever imagine.

Swimming pool linings according to the environment and the client

The coverings of a pool influence the lighting of the surroundings, have the capacity to transform the atmosphere of the space and make us enjoy the pool also at a visual level.

Depending on the personality of each client, their tastes and the environment in which the project of the stone covered pool is going to be developed, we will adapt the details, the materials of work and all the elements that are within our reach to create a unique and exclusive project.

A swimming pool company has the advantage that it knows the new materials that are being introduced into the market, can guide the client with the latest trends and can show him a wide catalogue of previous projects to see ideas and find the inspiration he is missing. Furthermore, one of the most important keys to the success of the project is that the company takes into account aspects that the client may not know about: light, temperature, climate, orientation, altitude, humidity and many more.

pool lining

The luxury of a stone covered pool

The pool liner is one of the elements that add value to your pool design, turning a simple pool into a luxury space that catches the eye of everyone.

Stone covered pools allow us to achieve very striking effects that range from choosing a specific colour for the water, working with the luminosity of the space or integrating it into the nature of the surroundings. The construction of construction pools allows us to create an aspect of a natural lake, a private beach or integrate elements as striking as waterfalls that seem completely natural.

Luxury knows no limits and only your imagination can determine the limits of the porcelain pool project you have always dreamed of.

Do you know what your dream pool looks like? Do you like to see luxury pool designs to inspire you and create a unique space in your home? Remember that choosing the best tile for your pool is one of the keys to making your project a success.

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