When a customer wants to build a swimming pool in his home, he will always want to save as much as possible. That’s an important fact, especially when we are talking about luxury pools, but is it advisable to invest in a polyester pool? At Godopools we are not at all sure about this and that is why we want to address this issue.

Although everyone is free to choose the pool that best suits what they are looking for, it is necessary to know some of the disadvantages of a polyester pool and the aspects it lacks that are not at all advisable if you are looking for a luxury pool. Cheap sometimes can turns expensive.

Disadvantages of polyester pools

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One of the biggest disadvantages of a polyester pool it’s related with the dimensions. Normally, these pools are prefabricated and are not usually very large. If you are looking for something that adapts and integrates perfectly into your home, this is not what you need.

Another disadvantage is about the opposite thing, the dimensions you need for the surroundings to install this type of pool. To make this happen you would need some clear space around the pool. This is probably not a problem for you, but it will be a bit bothering. With Godopools there won’t be such a problem to install a pool that is also luxurious and integrates perfectly into your home.

Finally, it is clear that the quality of polyester for a pool is not going to be the best. It may be resistant in some respects, but the fact that it is exposed to the sun will cause some discolour over the months. This will be aesthetically unpleasing and is certainly not what you would like for your pool.

Polyester pools, ephemeral pools

Polyester pools are ephemeral pools because of all the disadvantages that we explained above. The exposure to the sun will contribute to have some parts discoloured. Is this what you want for your pool? Well, that over time (not too much) it will deteriorate and you will have to solve some aspects in which you may invest money.

Also, polyester pools don’t have the personality that you might be looking for. They are not very glittering, which may not fit in with your home at all. Do you want your home to have a pool that goes unnoticed and also looks out of place with everything else around it? It will give the impression that something doesn’t fit in.

This is not what you are looking for if you want a project with Godopools. As you can see, we only use quality materials and we do a thorough job so that your pool is not only luxurious, but also safe for those who are going to enjoy it. Overflowing, eco-friendly, luxury liners that will last a lifetime… A good investment you won’t regret.

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Luxury pool from Serbales project – Godopools

The importance of durability in swimming pools

This post has brought us to an essential point, and that’s the importance of paying attention to the durability of swimming pools. Not only because you won’t have to spend money on them from time to time, but also because this will ensure that you can use them without any problems. A damaged polyester pool can cause slips, if there are any areas that deteriorate too much it can be dangerous for children.

Ageing can also mean that the water is not always in the best condition for you to use the pool. In short, a polyester pool is not attractive, it doesn’t adapt to your needs, it will not last as long as you want it to and, in the end, you may have a pool that you end up not using.

At Godopools we offer you endless possibilities: small luxury pools at home but of a commendable quality, modern overflowing pools that you will love to show to your friends or luxury pools at night where you can enjoy a romantic moment with your partner while you are covered by a blanket of stars. If you want a luxury pool, don’t choose a polyester pool. Choose Godopools.


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