Advantages of having an overflow system with a hidden channel in your pool


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6 thoughts on “Advantages of having an overflow system with a hidden channel in your pool

    1. Dear Heng, Thanks for your comment. We do not have sectional details of overflowing systems at your disposal, as they are included in the 3D designs of our pool projects. They are designed and customized for each particular pool project. Kind regards, GodoPools

  1. Hi
    Beautiful pool!
    Can you tell me are the tiles on the outside of the channel higher that the ones under water? And if so by how much? Or is the 1.5cm channel sufficient to stop any water from going astray? Many thanks

    1. Dear Diana:
      Thanks for your comment.The tiles are all in the same level. 15mm would be enough for a normal use. If the pool is going to be used by many children, then it would be recommendable a double channel, to collect the occasional waves of bathers. We hope this information is useful to you. Regards! GodoPools

  2. Hi there, great look. I’m a pool constructor based in Mexico working on a similar project… How do you clean the overflow channel? Is the material on top of it loose so you can take it off and clean? Or in your experience, what is the best solution?


    1. Hi Iñigo! Overflow channels can be built with fixed or loose top. If you go for the loose option, it is easier to remove it to clean it. However, most of the times we build a fixed top in overflow channels, because with the 1.5cm you have in it, it is also easy to have it clean. On the other hand, as the overflow channel always has water circulating around it, it remains very clean and does not really need much cleaning effort. We hope to have helped you. Thanks for your comment! GodoPools

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